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I love when it's possible to do an interview Guitar in Hand, so imagine when I had the opportunity to do one with a harp-guitar player, Muriel Anderson!

Shaï Sebbag is a musician I had the pleasure to interview several times in French, for the release of En Equilibre his third album it was more than time to record and English interview so his non-French speaking fans can get to know him better and also for new people to discover his universe.

With this latest release I think Shaï reached a new peak as he is delivering some awesome compositions played with an impeccable technique without useless technical demonstration.

Extracts of "En Equilibre" played before the interview

Into The Wild
Bach To The Future
Valse des Carpates


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Alex Skolnick interview – Planetary Coalition

I was not able to catch Alex Skolnick during the 2015 winter NAMM show so we scheduled a Skype call to do the interview. His career has not been the usual one for a Heavy Metal guitar player, he is not afraid to venture into Jazz and World music. Planetary Coalition, his latest album, is a fascinating collection of music with very different musicians.

In this December video chronicle I present you with plenty of cool boutique pedals and with the short version of the interview I did recently of Pierre Bensusan, acoustic fingerpicker extraordinaire who has just released a triple live album to cover 40 years of concerts!
+ Review of future pedals to be tested
+ Short version of the interview with Pierre Bensusan (the long version will be published soon)
+ Some news about the show and future giveaways

The full interview of Pierre Bensusan will be available for the Backstage pass subscribers in a protected article.
Pedals presented in

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That's the kind of artist Pierre Bensusan is.

Done just before the soundcheck of the concert that evening as headlining of the 2013 Issoudun Guitar Festival, here is the interview with one and only Al Di Meola.
The video above is an extract of the interview
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With the permission of the management I was able to attend the soundcheck of the duo and shoot some images.  It's a rare moment where we you get the impression that the artists play only for you.

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Rodney Branigan interview (@RodneyBranigan)

My first contact with Rodney Branigan was through this amazing YouTube video of the song "Body Language" (see below) where he can be seen playing simultaneously a guitar and a mandolin while singing!

Bjorn Berge - Blackwood
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Bjorn Berge interview

For the second time I had the pleasure to meet and interview Bjorn Berge the great norwegian guitar player. The first time was last year in this episode. The guy can be pretty intimidating but he is very cool and extremely nice.

I was at his New Morning show the night before we did the interview, he gave a superb show. The place was packed and the crowd very responsive to Bjorn.

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Bjorn Berge interview transcription (PDF) #Backstage


Here is a transcription by Jenn at Random Chatter Music of the Bjorn Berge interview I did back in episode #78.

Link to the PDF transcription
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Bjorn Berge interview

Here is a great acoustic norwegian guitar player in this episode.