Bryan Beller interview – The Aristocrats Part 1/2

The Aristocrats is what you can call a super group with Guthrie Govan on the guitar, Bryan Beller on bass on Marco Minnemann on drums. I had the great opportunity to talk to 2 out of the 3 members of the band.

Here is part 1 of 2 with the interview of Bryan Beller who also played with none other than Steve Vai among many others.

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I tremendously enjoyed the Aristocrats debut album. Yes, it's chock full of incredible technical work but it is even more full of great songs with great melodies and feelings all over the CD.

We are talking music here, it's NOT a boring intellectual jazz-fusion thing. I can't wait to see those guys play live.

Song extracts from the album played before the interview:

  • Flatlands
  • I Want A Parrot


They will be playing in Paris on March 14th in Paris at La Scène Bastille ( so if you are around, don't miss that! The rest of the tour dates are on their website here.

Next episode will have the Guthrie Govan interview.



Into guitars?

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