Following the Festival de Guitare de Puteaux, The Guitar Channel, having organized the luthier show and the 27 demo concerts, made a satisfaction survey with the exhibitors in order to evaluate the work that had been done and see the areas for improvement. The survey contained ten questions: the first six questions were scored out

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Festival de Guitare de Puteaux 2017 - What you need to know about this new guitar event

Full disclaimer: The Guitar Channel was the co-organizer of the festival with the responsability of the luthier show with 49 exhibitors and the 27 demo concerts. From Friday September 29th until Sunday October 1st 2017, the Festival de Guitare de Puteaux took place in the Jean-Baptiste Lully music academy in Puteaux, just west of Paris

Here's the full list of the 49 exhibitors who will be present at the guitar show during the first edition of the Festival de Guitare de Puteaux (pronounced "Puto").



French luthier association

Electric Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Bebop Assurances



Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars

Doc Music Station

Acoustic Guitars

Acoustic Guitars

Echo d'Artistes
Acoustic Guitars

Echoppe de

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Organized by the prestigious German Gitarre & Bass magazine, the Guitar Summit ( was held in Mannheim, Germany, for its first edition from September 8th to 10th, 2017. The objective: to offer a show 100% dedicated to the guitar.

Godefroy Maruejouls is a French luthier who has been building high quality guitars, acoustic or electric. Last time we reviewed one of his acoustic instrument, this time this is an electric guitar called the Sorcerer 62. Video review of the Sorcerer 62 Audio version of the review For those into audio, here's the podcast version

In order to change from the usual format of guitar review, here's a new idea: you will find below the audio recording of a guitar reviewed on The Guitar Channel, the goal is to guess which guitar or at least which kind of guitar it is!

Review setup

Path: guitar > jack > Kelt V-Twin amp > Shure SM-58 > Tascam DR-70D
No equalization applied or reverv or anythyng: just the dry signal coming from the SM-58
The settings on the amp were the sam throughout the review

Any idea about the guitar?

Book review - Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilt XXX 2017

Here's a great photo book published by Hal Leonard with pictures from Stephen Pitkin with only some of the coolest and funkiest masterbuilt Fender Custom Shop guitars over the past 30 years.

Jessica Lynn interview: Country music singer and guitar player

Jessica Lynn is a Country music singer and guitar player who tours a lot in Europe. We did this audio interview while she was right in the middle of a big European tour.

Subjects discussed

Her first guitar
Her influences
How she went into Country music
The process she uses to write a song
The experiences she had from the road
Her next projects

Jessica Lyn video clip - Not Your Woman

Jessica Lynn is often referred to as the ‘new’ Shania of pop-country and one can easily see why.

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The Guitar Channel: co-organizer of the 2017 Festival de Guitare de Puteaux, France

The Guitar Channel is co-organizing the first Festival Guitare de Puteaux which will take place September 29th, 30th and October 1st 2017 in the gorgeous music academy of this cosy suburb of Paris, the Conservatoire Jean-Baptiste Lully. The Guitar Channel is organizing the guitar show with more than 40 exhibitors and the demo concerts.
Festival de Guitare de Puteaux
Friday Sept. 29th - Saturday Sept. 30th - Sunday Oct.

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The Guitar Channel will be present at the Guitar Summit which is a new 100% guitar event which will be held from Friday 8th to Sunday September 10th in Mannheim, Germany.

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During the NAMM, The Guitar Channel had the opportunity to chat with Justin Fogleman, product specialist at Elixir Strings.

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The Guitar Channel showroom - Paris, France

The Guitar Channel showroom is now a reality!

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Alhambra Guitars master builders interview - Javier Mengual and José Margarit

The Alhambra factory in Muro de Alcoy in the province of Allicante employs many laborers specialized in lutherie and also has a team of expert luthiers, masters builders: Javier Mengual and José Margarit.

Julia Crowe interview, author of the book

On the recommendation of Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert, I contacted Julia Crowe via Twitter to receive her book My First Guitar. Let me tell you right away that I loved this book from the first to the last page.

The compressor is an effect that is always a bit intimidating because of the number of parameters often: attack time, release time, compression ratio, output volume, etc. That's why Alexandre Ernandez, the designer of Anasounds, made the choice with this Lazy Comp pedal to propose a compressor with ... one button!

The parameter controlled by this single button is the percentage of mixing between direct sound and compressed sound.

Here is in review a new exceptional guitar, the Unicorn Classic model built in the Finnish luthier Juha Ruokangas workshop. It is an instrument that was kindly lent me by a backstager (thank you David!). Given the very small number of guitars made by Juha and his team, it was an unexpected opportunity to test a guitar of this caliber.

We are indeed here in the super high-end realm. The price of this model with the options included in this specific instrument (superb table, gold hardware, etc.) requires a budget of about 9 500 €.

Pedal Review - Joe Walsh Double Classic from Analog Alien: overdrive/compressor

Analog Alien ( is an American brand of boutique pedal that offers a range of products with a very original look and a beautiful palette of sounds. After the Rumble Seat (reviewed in this article) The Guitar Channel offers you to discover another cool pedal built by the Napoli brothers, the Joe Walsh Double Classic.

As its name implies it was developed for the legendary guitar player from The Eagles: Joe Walsh.

While in Spain to visit the Alhambra Guitarras manufacture (see the full video in this article), The Guitar Channel did a interview with Valeria Torregrosa who was recently appointed the General Manager for the guitar company. Here's below the video of this encounter. Valeria Torregrosa interview - Alhambra General Manager To learn more about Alhambra

2019 Winter NAMM: 5th California trip for The Guitar Channel

Each time The Guitar Channel is covering an event like a fair or a festival, we record a live report which is then available later for replay. This allows all the guitar aficionados to live the event from the inside. Here are all those videos in one playlist. Here's the list of the events covered:

Holy Grail Guitar Show
Festival Guitare Issoudun
Guitares au Beffroi
Gear Evenings organized by The Guitar Channel
Factory Tour

Video reports playlist

During those events, interviews are recorded and available
through the Backstage Pass subscription.

2017 Musikmesse - Video coverage and debrief - The Guitar Channel

With the NAMM, the Musikmesse is one of the key events of the musical instrument industry and what revolves around (sound system, lights, etc.). The part reserved for the guitar is increasingly reduced year after year which diminishes the interest of coming for visitors fans of six-string. Nevertheless this fair continues to offer a great concentration of people who are present for 4 days in Frankfurt.

Telecaster pickups shootout: Lollar Pickups versus Dreamsongs Pickups

Here is shootout of two sets of Telecaster pickups, one from Dreamsongs Pickups ( with the Classic Blues-Rock reference from Italy and one from Lollar Pickups ( from the US with the 52 T reference.

Guitares au Beffroi festival and guitar show - The comeback

The festival Guitars au Beffroi ( 2017 and its luthier guitar show closed their doors last week on the 5th edition. This major event of the guitar in France has proposed two and a half days of high quality festivities around our favorite instrument.

Colt Westbrook interview from Walrus Audio during NAMM 2017

During the 2017 NAMM, The Guitar Channel had the opportunity to meet Colt Westbrook, CEO of Walrus Audio, American maker of boutique pedals.

2017 Guitares au Beffroi festival / Salon de la Belle Guitare: organizer interview

The 2017 Guitares au Beffroi ( festival and its guitar show the Salon de la Belle Guitare will have its 5th edition from Friday March 24th until Sunday March 26th in Montrouge, right next to Paris. There will be luthiers coming from more than 10 countries, check-out the full list on the festival website. Interview with Armel Amiot

Isaac Jang luthier in Hollywood, Los Angeles

I met Isaac Jang for the first time in Berlin during the 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin. Isaac was born in Korea and arrived in the US when he was 13. After being an apprentice with master luthier Kathy Wingert for 9 years, he setup his own shop to build his own high-end acoustic guitars. As he proposed me when we met in Germany, I contacted him while organizing the 2017 NAMM trip to see if he would actually be my guide in Los Angeles to help me discover the guitar places in that city.

An interview to know all you need to know about

What better than to ask all the questions we have to one of the guy in charge at in order to understand better how this marketplace works?

2016 Winter NAMM - The Guitar Channel

This year again the NAMM was incredibly rich for The Guitar Channel. Just take a look at the numbers below to be convinced.

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The Strat In The Attic: a fascinating book about Vintage guitar stories

There is a good chance that in one way or another you will have seen the superb cover of the book The Strat In The Attic during your wanderings in cyberspace. Indeed the book written by Deke Dickerson is illustrated by a superb image which necessarily gives rise to lots of fantasies in our minds of guitar enthusiasts. Who has never dreamed of finding a fabulous guitar forgotten in a dusty attic, at a pawnbroker or during a garage sale? .

No it is not yet another book about Vintage guitars more beautiful and more inaccessible than one another.

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The C.F. Martin Archives - A book to read and to visit!

The publisher Hal Leonard announces a book titled The C.F. Martin Archives retracing the history of the legendary American guitar brand. The Guitar Channel has been able to obtain a copy in advance to give you our opinion about the book.

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#16 Spartan Project with @SpringerGuitars: final episode and first notes

Here's the 16th and final episode of the Spartan Project video series.  You will see how the luthier Mikaël Springer is putting the last touch to the guitar. You will also get to hear the very first notes played on the instrument, an historical moment!
#16 Spartan project - Final episode

Photos extracted from the guitar setup video

Previous episodes of the Spartan Project
The goal of the Spartan Project is to document the building of a guitar for me by luthier Mikaël Springer.