Cesco's Corner, interview with Francesco Balossino, major Italian collector of Vintage guitars

The great Italian Vintage guitar collector Francesco Balossino of Cesco's Corner (cescoscornerguitars.com) was one of the important exhibitors of the SHG Music Show in Milan 2022. In fact, he occupied a good part of the Vintage Vault, a large room entirely dedicated to the American Vintage guitar and also to Wandré guitars. Here's an in-depth

2022 SHG Music Show interviews and report of the Milano guitar show

For the second year in a row, The Guitar Channel went to Milano, Italy to cover the SHG Music Show (shgmusicshow.it), which offers an original cocktail of brand-name guitars, new, used and Vintage, as well as luthiers and pedal and amp manufacturers. Here is the video report from this magnificent Italian city which is Milano!

The best places to buy vintage or used guitars in Paris, France

There are plenty of places in Paris, France to buy used or vintage guitars. Here is below the selection of The Guitar Channel. This is of course a list that has an element of subjectivity. Let's just say that these are the places where I would go with my eyes closed because I trust them

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1965 Gibson SG Junior, a great Rock'n'Roll machine

It was a blast to record a gear review of this 1965 Gibson SG Junior. Here is a great Rock'n'Roll machine of a Vintage guitar! This example is in player condition, meaning it is not fully original (the original tremolo is gone, the tuners were replaced, etc.) and it was heavily played. 1965 Gibson SG

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Bernie Marsden, death of a guitar legend - Interviews from 2014 and 2020

In April 2019, The Guitar Channel went to Germany to cover the Musikmesse and visit Guitar Point, this fabulous Vintage guitar store in the suburbs of Frankfurt. It was the day of the "Sunburst Convention" which brought together no less than 14 Les Paul Sunburst's from the mythical years 1958, 1959 and 1960. The guitarist

Kirk Fletcher interview guitar in hand - Joe Bonamassa guitar player and more

The American musician Kirk Fletcher was in Paris in June. A great opportunity to do a Guitar in Hand interview with this guitarist who regularly plays with Joe Bonamassa in addition to his personal projects. Kirk Fletcher interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Detlef Alder interview - Founder of the Guitar Point store in Germany

While visiting the Guitar Point store in the village of Maintal a few kilometers from Frankfurt, The Guitar Channel was able to conduct an interview with Detlef Alder who founded the store. Get ready, because he has some guitar stories to tell! Detlef Alder interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video

Guitar Point visit - The best Vintage guitar store in Europe? Probably!

Taking advantage of the trip to Germany for the Musikmesse, The Guitar Channel went to discover Guitar Point the famous Vintage guitar shop. A dozen kilometers from Frankfurt, in a village called Maintal is indeed a unique store which several subscribers of The Guitar Channel boasted the merits for a long time. Well, I was

Mark Agnesi interview in the legendary Norman's Rare Guitars shop in Terzana, Los Angeles

Here is an interview with Mark Agnesi, store manager of the legendary Vintage guitar shop Norman's Rare Guitars (normansrareguitars.com) in Los Angeles. It was recorded in January 2018 right before the Winter NAMM. I had to do a selfie with Norman Harris (don't his interview) and Mark: Mark Agnesi interview Until the next interview, keep

Norman Harris interview, founder of the legendary Norman's Rare Guitars shop in Terzana, Los Angeles

Interview with the legendary Norman Harris who is the founder of the Norman's Rare Guitars (normansrareguitars.com) famous Vintage guitar shop in Los Angeles. This video was recorded in January 2018 while I was in the US for the Winter NAMM. Mandatory selfie with Norman and the store manager Mark Agnesi (don't miss his interview!): Norman

Norman's Rare Guitars - Interviews and visit - Legendary Vintage guitar store in Los Angeles

The Norman's Rare Guitars store is a real institution in Los Angeles (among the guitarists at least!). This is where the stars come to provide themselves in Vintage instrument by choosing from the fabulous choice proposed, in both electric or acoustic instruments. This store was founded by Norman Harris who is still the boss and

The Strat In The Attic: a fascinating book about Vintage guitar stories

There is a good chance that in one way or another you will have seen the superb cover of the book The Strat In The Attic during your wanderings in cyberspace. Indeed the book written by Deke Dickerson is illustrated by a superb image which necessarily gives rise to lots of fantasies in our minds of guitar enthusiasts. Who has never dreamed of finding a fabulous guitar forgotten in a dusty attic, at a pawnbroker or during a garage sale? .

No it is not yet another book about Vintage guitars more beautiful and more inaccessible than one another.

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