Listen to what the guitar builders Teuffel, Ruokangas, Spalt, Sergio and Tausch have to say!

In January 2021, we were still in lockdown mode all over the world so there was no Winter NAMM that year. So I decided to do a live interview with several of the best and most original luthiers in Europe: Here is what they said spontaneously at the end of the interview. I was touched

Winter NAMM 2021 live wrap-up - Spalt, Ruokangas, Ergon, Teuffel and Taylor Guitars

As a wrap-up of the online edition of the 2021 Winter NAMM here is a live discussion with some of the best European boutique guitar builders who are regular exhibitors at NAMM and Andy Powers from Taylor Guitars. Guest list Projects of Three by Michael Spalt, Adriano Sergio and Ulrich Teuffel : Subjects discussed

Last January, we recorded an interview with Tania Spalt at the Winter NAMM 2020 to talk about what was to be the last edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show, the grand finale. It was not counting the Coronavirus that decided otherwise. This great world meeting of lutherie which was to be held in Berlin

Last edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show in 2020, Tania Spalt interview

The high-end guitar luthier show of the Holy Grail Guitar Show ( will hold its very last edition on May 2nd and 3rd, 2020 in Berlin, Germany. Tania Spalt who works in the EGB (European Guitar Builders association) explains to us why the show stops in this interview recorded during the NAMM 2020. Tania Spalt