Bernie Marsden, death of a guitar legend - Interviews from 2014 and 2020

In April 2019, The Guitar Channel went to Germany to cover the Musikmesse and visit Guitar Point, this fabulous Vintage guitar store in the suburbs of Frankfurt. It was the day of the "Sunburst Convention" which brought together no less than 14 Les Paul Sunburst's from the mythical years 1958, 1959 and 1960. The guitarist

Detlef Alder interview - Founder of the Guitar Point store in Germany

While visiting the Guitar Point store in the village of Maintal a few kilometers from Frankfurt, The Guitar Channel was able to conduct an interview with Detlef Alder who founded the store. Get ready, because he has some guitar stories to tell! Detlef Alder interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video

Guitar Point visit - The best Vintage guitar store in Europe? Probably!

Taking advantage of the trip to Germany for the Musikmesse, The Guitar Channel went to discover Guitar Point the famous Vintage guitar shop. A dozen kilometers from Frankfurt, in a village called Maintal is indeed a unique store which several subscribers of The Guitar Channel boasted the merits for a long time. Well, I was