Let's play a little! What do you think was used in the clip below to generate the guitar sound? Let me help you a bit, it's a 100% software solution. Mystery on a riff of U2 The song of U2 from which this riff is extracted is Until the End of the World, a great

Guitar Review - 2007 Gibson Les Paul Faded

In search of a Les Paul for the showroom to have this reference sound in the arsenal available to visitors and for testing gear, The Guitar Channel had the opportunity to test this 2007 Gibson Les Paul Faded at length kindly lent by a member of the network (thank you Sebastien!). This guitar has the

Amp Review - Heptode Jim 81: awesome sounding 100W solid-state amp

Jean-Luc Chtioui is a French engineer specialized in repairing guitar amps, with or without tubes. For his own line of amps under his brand Heptode, he chose to focus on making the greatest sounding solid-state amp possible. The Jim 81 100W amp - Heptode Recording setup Guitar #1: Strat / Vintage type pickups Guitar #2:

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Check-out the one and only French guitar player Brice Delage rocking the brand new high end solid state amp Leo '64 from Heptode Effects.

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