John Mayer Gravity analysis by Desi Serna from Guitar Music Theory

After discovering Desi Serna's podcast called Guitar Music Theory (, I went back to the corresponding video on his YouTube channel, which I link below. It's a study on John Mayer Gravity superb song called.

John Mayer Gravity analysis by Desi Serna on Guitar Music Theory

Gravity chord chart on iReal Pro

Curiously in iReal Pro (, the C chord is indicated CAdd9 and not C6 as Desi indicates in his video. Who is right? Who is wrong? Maybe both if we find both variations in the song.

In any case to work on rhythm, especially at a slow tempo which is always more difficult, iReal Pro pro proves once again to be a perfect tool.

Analysis of the analysis

In contrast to what is generally found on the Internet where youtubers are content to play more or less quickly with or without a guitar tab a song, in this case Desi dissects the piece by showing not only how to play it but also giving the music theory behind it.

Hence the title How Does This Song Work.

I found this approach super interesting and rewarding rather than just learning by heart as I personally do too often without getting any solid elements to reuse.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun, and I still do, working on this great piece and I learned a couple of tricks at the same time.

Until the next blog post, keep on playing the guitar.

Pierre Journel.

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