Sensational Day 2 at Guitar Summit 2023: 8 interviews and show floor visit

Saturday at Guitar Summit 2023 ( was a memorable day at the exhibition, marked by a massive turnout, the presence of numerous guitar stars, and an exceptional musical atmosphere. The world of the guitar shone brightly in Mannheim! It's a great experience to be part of such a dynamic event entirely dedicated to the guitar

As part of the lockdown Stay-at-Home period linked to the Coronavirus, this is one of the live interviews freely broadcasted to highlight musicians and other music pros impacted by this situation. Live Interviews Schedule Saku Vuori master luthier from Finland for Vuorensaku Guitars Here is a replay of a live interview recorded via FaceTime during

Saku Vuori luthier interview at the 2019 Guitar Summit with some cool offset guitars

At the 2019 Guitar Summit there were many boutique guitar builders luthiers among the major brands of guitars. The Finnish luthier Saku Vuori ( was one of them. This is his interview on the The Guitar Channel booth to talk about one of his brand new offset instruments. Saku Vuori luthier interview Until the next

Saku Vuori guitar builder interview during the 2018 edition of the Guitar Summit in Mannheim, Germany. Saku Vuori master luthier interview - Vuorensaku Guitars Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel. [cta_video]

Guitar Summit 2018 - Video blogging - Day 2

This year again for this second edition, the German Guitar Summit in Mannheim was a great opportunity to produce a nice series of video interviews which are listed below. We highly recommend this event which proposes an excellent array of guitar exhibitors with a full program of concerts, masterclasses and conferences. 2018 Guitar Summit interviews