In June 2020 I proposed you an interview with the director Jörg Steineck because he was launching a crowdfunding campaign for a documentary about the great jazz musician John Scofield. A little more than two years later the documentary film Inside Scofield is released! Here is the review. Inside Scofield teaser John Scofield interview at

Steve Swallow is a legendary bassist who plays with pianist Carla Bley and guitarist John Scofield. This interview was conducted in the context of the release of the excellent album titled Swallow Tales featuring compositions by Steve Swallow. Steve Swallow interview The Guitar Channel podcast with Steve Swallow The audio version of the video is available

A few weeks ago I heard about this documentary project called Inside Scofield about Jazz musician John Scofield. Having just recorded an interview with the New York guitarist, I found it interesting to give the project a hand by doing an interview with Jörg Steineck, the director of this documentary supported by a Kickstarter campaign.

The sacred Jazz guitar monster that is John Scofield ( was my guest for an interview via FaceTime to talk about the excellent album recorded titled Swallow Tales with compositions by his lifelong friend, bassist Steve Swallow. Bill Stewart is playing drums. Don't miss the 2016 interview recorded guitar in hand with John Scofield John

John Scofield interview, guitar in hand at the Issoudun Guitar Festival

John Scofield was the headliner of the 2016 Festival Guitare Issoudun in France. The Guitar Channel did an intense lobbying in order to be able to organize with John a video interview using the Guitar in Hand format which works so well. In fact, with this formula the musician has his guitar plugged in and ready all the time so he can illustrate an answer with a couple of notes here and there. John sure did that and more during the close to 30min interview.