Alhambra Guitars chronicle: the differences between a classical and a flamenco guitar

As Alhambra Guitars is building both type of nylon string guitars, classical and flamenco, The Guitar Channel recorded this chronicle with Valerià Torregrossa to explain in video the differences between the two families of instrument. Valerià Torregrossa: the differences between a classical and a flamenco guitar Don't miss the other chronicles recorded with Alhambra! Until the next

Anouck André et Serge Lopez - Guitar Duo
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Acoustic session with Serge Lopez and Anouck André

Discover in this acoustic session recorded at the intergalactic headquarters of The Guitar Channel, the great guitar duo composed by Serge Lopez and Anouck André. They have just released their debut album together called "El Tren Del Sur", a great guitar CD full of great music.

The fully instrumental album offers a great mix with the Flamenco style coming from Serge Lopez and the Flatpicking style provided by Anouck.