The use of spread triads in composition and an example with Heartfell from Allen Hinds

The spread triads are a technique much used by Eric Johnson and Allen Hinds ( The principle is simple: the 3rd note of the triad is shifted upwards by an octave. This gives a more airy impression of the triad compared to when it is heard in its normal form. The MI initial sequence by

The use of spread triads in composition and an example with Heartfell from Allen Hinds

Allen Hinds ( is an amazing musician, already met at NAMM 2019, here he is this time in an interview at his home right after NAMM 2022. The shooting of this guitar in hand interview took place in his Laurel Canyon house in Los Angeles. His brand new album The Good Fight will normally be

YouTube selection - Allen Hinds and his series

During my wanderings on the Internet I discovered a series of videos produced by Allen Hinds ( on his YouTube channel entitled: What Makes This Guitar Great and Affordable. It is definitely a must-watch as Allen tells some cool stories about his guitars. When Allen Hinds talks about his guitars Here is the first video

Allen Hinds interview - NAMM 2019
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Allen Hinds interview – Winter NAMM 2019

Meeting and interviewing guitarist Allen Hinds during this 2019 NAMM was one of the priority objectives of this Californian trip. This objective was reached through the French musician Kamil Rustam who has been working in Los Angeles for the past 23 years and who is Allen's friend (thank you Kamil!). Allen Hinds interview Until the

The wildest day of the Winter NAMM is always Saturday. It did not stop The Guitar Channel to shoot 8 (yes eight !) interviews with many incredible guests, notably a 20min video with the one and only Allen Hinds! Interviews of the day Hendrik Müller - Musikmesse Tim Pierce Curtis Fornadley - Tone Wizards Allen

Pedal Review - Xotic Soul Driven signature Allen Hinds

Xotic ( is a brand highly known for its boost pedals and its overdrives in the forefront of which we find the BB Preamp which pursues an endless career on many pedals around the world. The Xotic Soul Driven is a signature overdrive pedal designed for the musician Allen Hinds. Xotic Soul Driven signature Allen Hinds