@Crossfire1028 a powerfull and bewitching Folk/Rock duo

Discover Crossfire, a duo composed of Allison Mareek (guitar/vocals) and Etienne Prieuret (guitar/vocals) who proposes a powerfull and bewitching Folk/Rock kind of music. Their self-titled debut EP is great. We did an interview in French with Allison and Etienne on La Chaîne Guitare and took also the time to record the sessions you see below. The duo is based in Paris, France.


Acoustic sessions with Crossfire

Here are the songs recorded with the duo:

  • Feathers - Etienne on acoustic guitar and voice and Allison on voice
  • The Things We Shouldn't Say - Etienne on electric guitar (Krautster II from Nik Huber) and voice and Allison (acoustic guitar and voice)
  • Empty Minds & Prayers - Same configuration

Interview Crossfire (@crossfire1028) : un duo Folk envoutant - Session acoustique

Feathers :

The Things We Shouldn't Say :

Until the next interview keep on playing the guitar!


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