Steve Vai legendary guitar tech Thomas Nordegg interview

Patrolling the aisles of NAMM, I came across Thomas Nordegg, Steve Vai's legendary guitar tech! He immediately agreed to do this express interview. Thomas Nordegg interview Until the next interview or gear review, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel. For more info:NAMM Reports & InterviewsSteve Vai Archives

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Dave Weiner guitar in hand interview at the PRS booth during NAMM 2020

Dave Weiner has been playing live for Steve Vai for the past 20 year so we can safely say he is one of the very best guitar player in the business. It was a pleasure to record this guitar in hand interview with him at the PRS Guitars booth during the Winter NAMM. Dave Weiner

Steve Vai interview - Modern Primitive: album between Flexable and Passion & Warfare

Steve Vai remains a major figure in the guitar world. In fact the 25th anniversary of the Passion & Warfare album has just passed and this album is still as relevant as ever. The Guitar Channel did a 40min Skype Guitar In Hand interview with Steve to talk about this special album called Modern Primitive.

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Backing Track – “Racing the World” Steve Vai

Here's the backing track for Racing the World coming from Steve himself.

Dave Weiner
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Dave Weiner interview (@daveweiner)

As a follow-up to this episode (where you can listen to a Steve Vai interview) I did a Skype interview with his guitar player for the last 10 years, Dave Weiner.

The 35 minutes plus conversation was recorded through Skype so please excuse the couple of drop-outs you will hear here and there.

Thanks a ton to Dave who took the time to answer all my questions.

Watch out on his website for his up-coming solo album very soon...


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Steve Vai interview (@stevevai) - Where The Wild Things Are

I almost lost sleep for a week when I learned I was about to interview Steve Vai! I am that big of a fan. I had a blast talking to him. He was extremely nice on the phone and answered all my questions.

Subjects discussed in the Steve Vai interview

Steve talks about his latest live CD/DVD Where The Wild Things Are
About his music
His band
His guitars
And plenty of other stuff

The live CD/DVD Where the Wild Things Are is a great testimony to how good Steve can be when he performs live.

Steve Vai interview (@stevevai) - Where The Wild Things Are
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Steve Vai interview transcription

As promised for the Backstage Pass owners here is a complete written transcription of the Steve Vai interview  in PDF. In this interview, Steve talks about his latest live CD/DVD "Where The Wild Things Are" (which is awesome) but also about his music, his band, his guitars, etc...

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