Gilad Hekselman interview guitar in hand
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Gilad Hekselman interview guitar in hand

Gilad Hekselman is a Jazz guitar player discovered by The Guitar Channel thanks to Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert who is our official Jazz advisor.

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Gilad Hekselman during the 2015 Montreal Jazz Festival

This summer while I was covering the Montreal Jazz Festival I had the pleasure to meet again Gilad Hekselman for an in-depth interview about his latest album Homes which was just released this October.

Questions asked during the interview

How does it feel to play the Montréal Jazz festival?
Is that the occasion to play with other musicians and to jam?
Last time we met it was in Paris last year, what's new since?
How come jazz musicians are able to sound good on the first note of the first tune at the soundcheck?
How do you approach soundcheck

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Gilad Hekselman, a rising star among the jazzmen

Following the advice from Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert I added a couple of jazzmen to my radar in order to have more Jazz guitar players featured on the show. Gilad Hekselman was in Paris in July for one night at the Duc des Lombards, I took this opportunity to interview him before the concert.