Michael Lee Firkins interview: his Telecaster put Yep on fire!

Michael Lee Firkins is not a newbie in the guitar business. Some may recall his first albums in the Mike Varney stable of shredders, Shrapnel Records. Michael provides us with Yep (on the Magna Carta label) an album very far from this era with a powerful guitar music.

It's not complicated the only thing I did not like about the album is the cover. That said, I agree, it is a matter of taste and what matters is the music inside. On that end you can be sure the music rocks big time throughout all the album.


In Yep, everything is good: very good songs, plenty of guitars with that sound with the kind of blues/rock spirit that only the american can do.


Extracts of Yep played before the interview

  • Golden Oldie Jam
  • Cajun Boogie
  • Last Call
  • The Cane



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