Grover Jackson interview – Alegendary guitar builder for GJ2 Guitars

At one point or another we all have fantasized on the Jackson guitars during the 90s. The brands Jackson and Charvel were synonymous for high performance guitars. That's why I was very happy to do a phone interview with Grover Jackson as he is again involved in a guitar company called GJ2 Guitars.



Subjects discussed during the interview with Grover Jackson

  • His first guitar
  • How he was trained as a guitar builder
  • His encounter with Jeff Beck
  • His work for Eddie Van Halen
  • His collaboration with Randy Rhoads
  • The current projects with GJ2
  • And many more


The Guitar Channel podcast

The audio version of the video is available in the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and below:

The Guitar Channel Podcast

Grover Jackson interview - 2015 Winter NAMM

Grover Jackson interview - Visit @GJ2Guitars

Watch the interview with Grover Jackson

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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