2019 Puteaux Guitar Festival – Guitar show exhibitor list

For the third year, The Guitar Channel is organizing with the Puteaux music academy the guitar show of the Puteaux Guitar Festival . Puteaux is a very nice and cosy suburb right next to Paris, France.

2019 Puteaux Guitar Festival

Here's the list of exhibitors for this edition, this festival will happen from October 11th to 13th (see info below). The luthier show is an integral part of the festival and brings together 27 exhibitors (luthiers, craftsmen, manufacturers) to showcase their guitars, amps, pedals, pickups and other accessories for the six string.

7 individual studios are available
for the visitors to try the exhibited gear

Festival de Guitare de Puteaux - Individual studio to try the gear

Demo concerts provided by professional musicians Hugo Martin (coursdeguitaremoderne.fr) and Saturax (aka Robin Angelini, www.saturax.fr), will take place on Saturdays and Sundays to make you listen to these guitars, amps and pedals.

Guitar show schedule

  • Friday 11/10 17:00 - 21:00
  • Saturday 12/10 11:00 - 18:00
  • Sunday 13/10 11:00 - 17:00


Guitar show exhibitor list

Brand Website Type Product
Anasounds anasounds.com Builder Pedals
Atelier Guitares et Compagnie atelierguitaresetcie.fr Luthier Acoustic guitars
Baudry richardbaudry.fr Luthier Acoustic guitars
CTL guitarescarbone.com Luthier Acoustic guitars
Daguet daguetguitars.fr Luthier Acoustic guitars
Doc Music Station docmusicstation.fr Builder Pedals
Dreamsongs dreamsongspickups.com Builder Electric guitar pickups
Fejoz thomasfejoz.com Luthier Acoustic guitars
Girault giraultguitars.com Luthier Electric guitars
GSS guitarsoundsystems.com Builder Amps
IT-11 Audio it11audio.com Builder Amps
Jegou guitares.jegou.free.fr Builder Amps
JMT Résonateur jmtresonateur.com Luthier Acoustic guitars
Killer Mega Guitars km-guitars.com Luthier Electric guitars
L'Echoppe de Sophie lechoppedesophie.com Builder Leather straps
La Chaîne Guitare lachaineguitare.com Media Guitar media
Le Niglo mediators-le-niglo.fr Builder Guitar picks
Letourneau lutherie-letourneau.fr Luthier Guitare
Little Big Amps littlebigamp.com Builder Amps
Maja Guitares majaguitares.fr Luthier Electric guitars
Ministry of Tones ministryoftones.com Builder Pedals
Monnier monnier.lutherie.free.fr Luthier Acoustic guitars
MS Tornade tornademspickups.com Builder Electric guitar pickups
Relic Age relicageguitars.com Luthier Electric guitars
Soroka soroka-luthier.fr Luthier Acoustic guitars
Stefanovic stefanovicsacha.fr Luthier Guitars
Vola Guitar volaguitar.com Builder Electric guitars

Demo concerts

  • Saturday 13:00 - 17:00
  • Sunday 13:00 - 16:00

2019 Puteaux Guitar Festival - Guitar show exhibitor list


Conservatoire Jean-Baptiste Lully de Puteaux

3rd floor of the music academy

5bis, rue Francis de Pressensé 92800 Puteaux

  • Metro and bus: metro line 1 until La Défense then Bus 144 until Pressensé stop
  • By train : from Saint-Lazare train station, direction Saint-Cloud, stop at Puteaux.
  • Tramway : from La Défense : T2 direction Issy-Val de Seine, Puteaux stop.

3rd floor map
Festival de Guitare de Puteaux 2018 - Salon des luthier - Plan

2019 festival program

2019 Puteaux Guitar Festival


Except the evening concerts 10€ or 15€

2018 Puteaux guitar festival debrief

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