Franfret luthier's guitar model #1, a Strat with a Mahogany body

The Spanish luthier Francisco Rodriguez is the craftsman behind the Franfret brand ( Already interviewed several times, he sent to the showroom of The Guitar Channel a Strat like no other. Indeed, not only is the inspiration clearly David Gilmour's vintage guitar #00001 but its body is made of Mahogany. On this kind of guitar

Showroom feature: Franfret model #1

As part of the service proposed to boutique guitar builders to exhibit and try out instruments in our private showroom in Paris, here is a gorgeous guitar from Franfret ( model #1. This one is inspired by the famous 1954 David Gilmour Strat but the luthier Francisco Rodriguez made it his own. Franfret model #1

Madrid Luthier Guitar Show - Video report for day 1

Here is an interview with the luthier Fran Rodriguez who builds electric guitars under his brand FranFret and who is also one of the organizer of the Luthier Guitar Show ( in Spain, Madrid. Fran Rodriguez interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Luthier Guitar Review: Oniric from Franfret (Spain)
Luthier Guitar Review: Oniric from Franfret (Spain)

Francisco Rodriguez is a Spanish luthier The Guitar Channel interviewed during the Holy Grail Guitar Show.

Guitar tech and luthier Francisco Rodriguez interview

Francisco Rodriguez is a luthier I met at the 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show. It happens he is not only a luthier but also a guitar tech once in a while. So he gets the experience of maintaining and managing the guitars he built on the road. Francisco is the guitar tech for the Dire Straits tribute band Brothers in band.

Francisco Rodriguez is the luthier behind FranFret Guitars ( He was already an exhibitor at Guitares au Beffroi guitar show in France this year but it's at the 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, Germany that The Guitar Channel took the opportunity to interview him.
Francisco Rodriguez interview from FranFret Guitars

This video is accessible to all because FranFret is a Pro Backstager on The Guitar Channel.
It was still early on that Saturday morning when we did the interview so neither Francisco or I are smiling yet.