Live demo F-Type tube amp by Kelt Amplification
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Live demo F-Type tube amp by Kelt Amplification

Kelt Amplification ( is a French boutique tube amp brand founded by Thierry Labrouze. The F-Type is one of the new model recently introduced, it is a 15W all tube Fender style amp with a tube driven reverb. The video below was recorded live during an FAQ broadcasted on December 27th 2023 in French on

Franfret luthier's guitar model #1, a Strat with a Mahogany body

The Spanish luthier Francisco Rodriguez is the craftsman behind the Franfret brand ( Already interviewed several times, he sent to the showroom of The Guitar Channel a Strat like no other. Indeed, not only is the inspiration clearly David Gilmour's vintage guitar #00001 but its body is made of Mahogany. On this kind of guitar

Showroom feature: Franfret model #1

As part of the service proposed to boutique guitar builders to exhibit and try out instruments in our private showroom in Paris, here is a gorgeous guitar from Franfret ( model #1. This one is inspired by the famous 1954 David Gilmour Strat but the luthier Francisco Rodriguez made it his own. Franfret model #1