Amp Review - Brut(e) Deluxe Dewitte Wired - 100% tube powered

The Toulouse brand of high end boutique guitar gear Dewitte Wired has in its range a tube amp which sounds awesome: the Brut(e) Deluxe. Nicolas Dewitte, the boss of the brand, was visiting the showroom with his amp under his arm for a tour of Paris, it was an opportunity to do a quick test

Pedal Review - Brut(e) Dewitte Wired - Add huge sounds to your pedalboard

Nicolas Dewitte has been designing and producing pedals under the brand Dewitte Wired since 2004, the pedal model Brut(e) represents the synthesis of all experiments to propose a pedal with huge sounds on your pedalboard. Note that the pedal is presented as a preamp that is to say that it can of course work in

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Name : Dewitte Wired
Type : boutique builder of pedals and amps
Web :
Dewitte Wired is a French boutique builder composed of two people Nicolas Dewitte and Stéphane Pointeaux. They propose a nice range of overdrive, distorsion and booster pedals. Some tube amp heads are also in the works.

A couple of Dewitte Wired pedals

Interview (in French) of Nicolas Dewitte

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