Boutique Guitar Showcase report - NAMM 2018
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Boutique Guitar Showcase report – NAMM 2018

For the second year, the NAMM offered a section dedicated to luthiers under the banner of the Boutique Guitar Showcase created and organized by Jamie Gale. There were 31 luthiers from all over the world who presented incredible guitars, whether acoustic or electric. The level was super high! Here's a selection of interviews done in

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Leonardo Buendia luthier interview at the 2018 Winter NAMM

At the very end of Winter NAMM 2018 I had the pleasure to record a quick interview with Leonardo Buendia who is one of the very best high end acoustic guitar builder. Leo has been an apprentice for 3 years with the legendary guitar builder Ervin Somogyi, so needless to say, he knows how to