MIGS 2023 - Day 1 report and interviews

The Montreux International Guitar Show (migs.ch) 2023 edition opened its doors on this beautiful Friday, May 5, 2023 on the shores of the always splendid Lake Geneva. Just like last year, The Guitar Channel was on site to bring you the guitar event via a 45min video report and 3 interviews. Big news for this

Listen to what the guitar builders Teuffel, Ruokangas, Spalt, Sergio and Tausch have to say!

In January 2021, we were still in lockdown mode all over the world so there was no Winter NAMM that year. So I decided to do a live interview with several of the best and most original luthiers in Europe: Here is what they said spontaneously at the end of the interview. I was touched

Adriano Sergio interview from Ergon Guitars at the Montreux International Guitar Show

Portuguese luthier Adriano Sergio of Ergon Guitars (ergonguitars.com) was one of the exhibitors at the 2022 Montreux International Guitar Show. Here he is in an interview to present his work. Adriano Sergio interview Until the next interview or gear review, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel. For more info:Adriano Sergio InterviewsLuthier InterviewsMIGS Reports

The luthiers explain why The Guitar Channel interviews are the best

During the Winter NAMM 2021 online edition, the Believe in Music week, The Guitar Channel organized a Zoom call with some of the best European luthiers, the full video is available in this article. At the end of the call, we started an informal discussion and the luthiers shared why they think the interviews done

Winter NAMM 2021 live wrap-up - Spalt, Ruokangas, Ergon, Teuffel and Taylor Guitars

As a wrap-up of the online edition of the 2021 Winter NAMM here is a live discussion with some of the best European boutique guitar builders who are regular exhibitors at NAMM and Andy Powers from Taylor Guitars. Guest list Tania and Michael Spalt from Spalt Instruments (spaltinstruments.com) Adriano Sergio from Ergon Guitars (ergonguitars.com) Ulrich

For the second year the amazingly creative luthiers Adriano Sergio from Ergon Guitars (ergonguitars.com) in Portugal, Michael Spalt from Spalt Instruments (spaltinstruments.com) in Austria and Uli Teuffel from Teuffel Guitars (teuffel.com) in Germany are joining forces under the banner of their Projetcs of Three (projectsofthree.com). In 2020 they released the Red Collection, for 2021 it

Boutique Guitar Showcase report - NAMM 2018
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Boutique Guitar Showcase report – NAMM 2018

For the second year, the NAMM offered a section dedicated to luthiers under the banner of the Boutique Guitar Showcase created and organized by Jamie Gale. There were 31 luthiers from all over the world who presented incredible guitars, whether acoustic or electric. The level was super high! Here's a selection of interviews done in

Adriano Sergio (Ergon Guitars) interview - NAMM 2018

Adriano Sergio is one of the luthiers who was part of the NAMM 2018 Boutique Guitar Showcase. Jamie Gale's Boutique Guitar Showcase was an entire section of the show floor where you could find high end luthiers from around the world. Previously interviewed in 2015 at the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, here is

The journey of luthier Adriano Sergio (Ergon Guitars) to the Holy Grail Guitar Show

In 2015 I had the pleasure of doing a video interview luthier Adriano Sergio (Ergon Guitars) at the Holy Grail Guitar Show. The story of his journey from Portugal to Germany has been documented in a beautiful video you can see below.

The journey of luthier Adriano Sergio to the Holy Grail Guitar Show
Sit down comfortably and get ready to enjoy this great documentary where you will learn a lot about the life of a luthier. In addition to Adriano Sergio, you will also see other guitar builders such as Juha Ruokangas, Michael Spalt or Andy Mason.

Adriano Sergio interview (Ergon Guitars) at the 2015 Holy Grail Guitar show

Here's the interview done with Portuguese luthier Adriano Sergio from Ergon Guitars during the second edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show. I was seduced by the organic shapes of Adriano's guitars and by the quality of the lutherie.