Pedal Review – Zorgverdrive / Zorg Effects

Zorg Effects is a French boutique pedal builder based in Toulouse. This builder has a wide range of gain pedal with several boosters, distorsions, octavers and overdrives. The Zorgverdriver is a great overdrive pedal with a wide range of tones.

Pedal Review - Zorgverdrive

Zorg Effects is a pro partner on The Guitar Channel

Review setup

What I enjoyed the most

  • The sounds
  • Wide range of the settings
  • Low noise
  • Disctintive look

What I enjoyed the least

  • Hard/soft clipping switch not very useful


The Zorgverdrive is a very easy to use overdrive pedal. It's hard to get a bad sounds out of this one! The gain reserve is huge a well as the output level. Note that the treble control works as a cut filter, the higher you set, the less high you have. The bass control works the usual way.

Pedal Review - Zorgverdrive / Zorg Effects

Until the next gear review or interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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