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Lynyrd Skynyrd's Free Bird is a monument to Southern Rock. Its Slide guitar intro is as beautiful as it is memorable. As the tempo is not very fast, it's an excellent exercise in sound quality and accuracy. Free Bird Slide guitar intro Recording of a work session from April 15th 2024: Setup To record the

iReal Pro app developper Massimo Biolcati interview
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iReal Pro app developper Massimo Biolcati interview

Massimo Biolcati ( is a professional American upright bass player who has developed iReal Pro (, an application that has become an indispensable tool for many musicians. Indeed this iOS, Android and MacOS application allows you to play chord charts with a full backing track. It provides you with the best way to work on

Instagram gem - Horace Bray jazzy groove transcribed by Kevin Davis

Instagram is a social network full of exceptional musicians. Horace Bray ( is one of those. This Instagram gem particularly attracted my ear when I watched it because Horace uses an unusual chord progression (at least for me!): Em7 / EbM7 / Dm7 / DbM7. This chromatic descent is fascinating, especially when you see what