Tribute to a great luthier - Chris Larkin interview at the 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show

On August 3rd, 2018, the Irish luthier Chris Larkin passed away. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing him at the 2016 edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show. To pay homage to him, The Guitar Channel invites you to discover this interview where he spoke with passion about his work and his extraordinary

Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 - Day 2 interviews
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Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 – Day 2 interviews

Day 2 of the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 was busy with a nice series of interviews that you can watch below. The first series of videos is online in this article. Day 2 interviews Thierry André, luthier from Québec, Canada (André Instruments) Isaac Jang, american luthier (Isaac Jang Guitars) Jamie Gale, luthier agent and consultant (Jamie Gale Music)

Luthiers Discussion Panel - 2015 EGB Symposium - Holy Grail Guitar Show

Here is a video document recorded during a panel of luthiers at the 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin in the presence of the following luthiers: Andy Manson A.J. Lucas Jean-Yves Alquier A lady from the Austrian Ministry of the Environment (from memory) Fred Pons Jacky Walraet Chris Larkin Video recording of the panel