Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown interview - 1931 National guitar in hand

Tyler Bryant is the singer guitarist of the band The Shakedown who rocks the stages with a very effective and powerful Rock Blues. They have recently been opening for AC/DC and Guns'N Roses. Tyler was visiting Paris to promote their new album Truth and Lies. It was an opportunity to do an interview guitar in

Will McNicol Guitar in Hand interview - High-class Fingerstyle

Will McNicol is an acoustic guitarist of Scottish origin who was introduced to me by Shaï Sebbag who invited Will for the 6th edition of his International Guitar Rendez-Vous concert in Paris, France. Here he is in our showroom for a Guitar in Hand with his signature instrument from luthier Tom Sands. Will McNicol interview

A musician and his luthier interview - Will McNicol and Tom Sands

It's a rare moment that The Guitar Channel offers you in this video with an interview of a musician and his luthier. So here's guitarist Fingerstyle Will McNicol and his instrument maker Tom Sands, both at the showroom in front of our cameras and Guitar in Hand! Will McNicol and Tom Sands interview Until the

Bjorn Berge interview - Guitar in Hand -

Bjorn Berge, the Norwegian giant, by size and talent, was in Paris for an acoustic concert at La Bellevilloise and to promote an excellent 100% electric album titled Who Else. Here's a Guitar in Hand interview right before the concert. Bjorn Berge interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Ana Popovic interview - Guitar in Hand -

For the 3rd time The Guitar Channel was doing an interview with the singer and guitar player Ana Popovic who proposes with "Like It on Top" a strong album very well produced. A great opportunity to do a Guitar in Hand interview before her concert at the New Morning in Paris. Summary of the full

Gary Lucas interview guitar-in-hand - Wrote Grace with Jeff Buckley, played with Captain Beefheart

Thanks to the connection of the bassist Laurent David (whom I warmly thank you for this), The Guitar Channel offers a Guitar in Hand interview with the guitarist Gary Lucas. Not only Gary Lucas was one of the discoverers of Jeff Buckley with whom he co-wrote Grace and Mojo Pin, but he also worked with

Shaï Sebbag and Maneli Jamal interview - 2018 Festival Guitare Issoudun

The 2018 edition of Issoudun was the opportunity to gather for the first time the French fingerstyle guitarist Shaï Sebbag and his Canadian friend Maneli Jamal in front of a camera for a Guitar in Hand interview. Maneli and Shaï play together regularly and also record duets, so it made sense to have them talk

Gareth Pearson interview - A great fingerpicker discover during the 2018 Issoudun festival

The Issoudun Guitar Festival 2018 was the occasion for me a beautiful musical discovery in the person of fingerstyle guitarist Gareth Pearson who was the opening act for the duo Jean-Félix Lalanne and Eric Gombart during the acoustic evening. A big thank you to Jean-Baptiste Hardy (also interviewed at this Issoudun festival) who introduced me

Eric Bibb interview -

The bluesman Eric Bibb was in Paris to present his latest album, a double CD entitled Global Griot. These 24 songs present a great mix between Blues and African music with as always Eric Bibb's great compositions. The Guitar Channel is very happy to present you this new Guitar-in-Hand interview with the American musician. Summary

Al Bonhomme interview - Guitar in Hand video about Country Music and more

It is through Ludovic Egraz, colleague and friend who works in the Guitare Xtreme newspaper, that I came into contact with Al Bonhomme who was visiting Paris, France for holidays. A meeting was setup quickly to record this interview Guitar in Hand in our Paris showroom to talk about Country music and more. Summary of the

Jim Carthage interview - Guitar in Hand
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Jim Carthage interview – Guitar in Hand

Guitarist and singer Jim Carthage (www.jimcarthage.com) came to The Guitar Channel showroom to answer a Guitar in Hand interview. The opportunity of this meeting is the release of his excellent EP Ebb & Flow I highly recommend listening. Jim Carthage interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Rich Robinson interview - The Magpie Salute and ex-Black Crowes

In the series of the guitar-in-hand interview, here's a video recorded with Rich Robinson, ex-Black Crowes and now leading The Magpie Salute. He was in Paris to promote the first studio album of the band High Water I. Rich Robinson interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Charles Janssen luthier interview - Schwung Guitars

Charles Janssen is the luthier for Schwung Guitars (www.schwung-guitars.com), he is based in The Hague, Netherlands. We first met via Facebook and then in Berlin at the Holy Grail Guitar Show where he was present as a visitor. Charles came to the showroom in Paris with nothing less than six of his instruments to present

Yuval Amihai interview - I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues

Yuval Amihai is a young Jazz guitarist who continues to have an increasingly promising career. He came to the showroom to record a Guitar-in-Hand interview to talk about his latest album, I Ain't Got Nothing But The Blues, which is a treat. As an added bonus, the club members will be able to watch a

Here's Guitar in Hand Jennifer Batten interview recorded in Paris in October 2017 the day after she gave a clinic. Jennifer Batten is one of the rare female guitar player who achieved the guitar hero status by playing with great musicians like Michael Jackson and Jeff Beck. In this 30min interview she shares her view

Andy Powers, master builder @TaylorGuitars: V-Class bracing
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Andy Powers interview – Taylor V-Class bracing

One of the great novelties of the NAMM 2018 was the great announcement of Taylor Guitars, the new V-Class bracing system developed by Andy Powers, the master builder of the Californian manufacturer. The Guitar Channel went to meet the luthier to know everything! Andy Powers interview Podcast Audio version of the interview available in the

Tommy Emmanuel interview - Guitar in hand in Paris

Tommy Emmanuel is one of the greats of the guitar at the moment and not only in the Fingerstyle domain. The Guitar Channels proposes you for the 3rd time an interview with the Australian maestro for a Guitar-in-Hand video. His album Accomplice One, which will be released in January 2018, is excellent with incredible duets

Calum Graham interview - Young fingerstyle Canadian guitar player

Calum Graham is one of his ultra-talented young musicians with a stunning fingerstyle acoustic guitar technique, with a musicality that is undeniable. Add to this already explosive cocktail that the young Canadian sings very well and that his album Tabula Rasa was produced by Antoine Dufour, you will understand why The Guitar Channel could not

Zane Carney interview on stage in Paris with Jonny Lang
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Zane Carney interview on stage in Paris with Jonny Lang

Zane Carney is a regular on The Guitar Channel, this time we met him in Paris on stage right before the soundcheck at La Cigale, one of the very nice concert hall of the city where he was playing that night with Jonny Lang. Subjects discussed in this Guitar in Hand interview: the approach of

JD Simo guitar in hand interview - Rise & Shine

Here's a guitar in hand interview done at the Gibson France headquarters with the one and only JD Simo who was in Paris to promote his latest album Rise & Shine. As a bonus for this interview, JD played a gorgeous 2min30s improvised solo alone on the guitar: a rare and precious moment! JD Simo

Adam Rogers interview, guitar player for Ravi Coltrane (yes, John's son)

On the advice of Cyriaque from the French website Maitriser La Guitare, I had put on my radar to interview a few names including the of Adam Rogers who was present at the 2017 Montreal Jazz Festival as a sideman for Ravi Coltrane (yes, the son of the celebrated John Coltrane).

Kurt Rosenwinkel interview - 2017 Montreal Jazz festival

Kurt Rosenwinkel was doubly present at the Montreal Jazz Festival as he played one night with Bad Plus and the next day with his own band to play the album Caïpi for The Guitar Channel had already interviewed him in Paris.

Steve Vai interview - Modern Primitive: album between Flexable and Passion & Warfare

Steve Vai remains a major figure in the guitar world. In fact the 25th anniversary of the Passion & Warfare album has just passed and this album is still as relevant as ever. The Guitar Channel did a 40min Skype Guitar In Hand interview with Steve to talk about this special album called Modern Primitive.

Acoustic guitar in hand interview with Adam Miller

Adam Miller is an Australian guitarist who is as comfortable on an acoustic as he is on an electric, which is quite annoying if you allow me to say so!

Eric Bibb is a very prolific musician who is now releasing Migration Blues, a magnificent album about a theme which is very tragically present in the news. Supported by the French harp player Jean-Jacques Milteau and by Michael Jerome Browne for a multitude of stringed instruments (guitars, mandolin, banjo, etc.), Eric delivers here a masterly work that is a treat to listen to.

Andy Timmons interview: Theme From A Perfect World, his new album

During the 2017 NAMM there was no time to record an interview with the one and only Andy Timmons even though we met during the great X-Jamm concert so a couple of weeks later we organized this Skype interview to catch up.

Paul Reed Smith (@prsguitars) interview guitar in hand - 2017 Winter NAMM

The Guitar Channel is a fan of the PRS brand, period. I know it's a brand that's less fashionable than it used to be. It is true that the trend of ultra-flamed tables is not so strong. Nevertheless I think it is a brand that tries to renew itself without stopping. I hope they will find the second wind they deserve. It should not be forgotten that when PRS started, the American electric guitar industry had reached a truly calamitous level of quality and that Paul reversed the trend almost by himself.

Brian Wampler (@wamplerpedals) interview - 2017 Winter NAMM

It's becoming a well-established tradition to do an interview at the NAMM with Brian Wampler, boss of the pedals of the same name. Indeed, this is the third time that this happens. Not only are the Wampler pedals of excellent quality but in addition Brian is a businessman who does not hesitate to talk about his trade in a very open way.

Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert: Jazz guitar player and awesome teacher

Bruno Pelletier-Bacquaert is a regular contributor on The Guitar Channel since it is he who has been supplying for two years now the excellent Jazz Lessons so much appreciated by the Backstage Pass owners. Visiting Paris for a few days while he is normally based in San Francisco, we took the opportunity to do this video interview to

Maneli Jamal interview - Fingerpicking rising star
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Maneli Jamal interview – Fingerpicking rising star

Here's a Maneli Jamal (www.manelijamal.com) interview done Guitar in Hand with the iranian born musician now living in Toronto after an epic and long journey. it is through Shaï Sebbag that The Guitar Channel heard about Maneli as they had met during a guitar festival in Mexico. They hit it off so well that Shaï decided to help Maneli organizing a tour in France. It was during Maneli's stay in France that we did this 30min video interview at the worldwide intergalactic headquarters of the show (meaning, my home).