Al Bonhomme interview - Guitar in Hand video about Country Music and more

It is through Ludovic Egraz, colleague and friend who works in the Guitare Xtreme newspaper, that I came into contact with Al Bonhomme who was visiting Paris, France for holidays. A meeting was setup quickly to record this interview Guitar in Hand in our Paris showroom to talk about Country music and more. Summary of the

Jessica Lynn interview: Country music singer and guitar player

Jessica Lynn is a Country music singer and guitar player who tours a lot in Europe. We did this audio interview while she was right in the middle of a big European tour.

Subjects discussed

Her first guitar
Her influences
How she went into Country music
The process she uses to write a song
The experiences she had from the road
Her next projects

Jessica Lyn video clip - Not Your Woman

Jessica Lynn is often referred to as the ‘new’ Shania of pop-country and one can easily see why.

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Albert Lee interview with a Country guitar legend

While visiting the Ernie Ball Music Man booth at the 2015 winter NAMM I stumbled on Country guitar legend Albert Lee. We did a quick Instagram selfie then I asked him he was willing to do a quick interview on the spot, he accepted graciously. We found a place to sit and here we went! Albert