Will McNicol Guitar in Hand interview - High-class Fingerstyle

Will McNicol is an acoustic guitarist of Scottish origin who was introduced to me by Shaï Sebbag who invited Will for the 6th edition of his International Guitar Rendez-Vous concert in Paris, France. Here he is in our showroom for a Guitar in Hand with his signature instrument from luthier Tom Sands. Will McNicol interview

A musician and his luthier interview - Will McNicol and Tom Sands

It's a rare moment that The Guitar Channel offers you in this video with an interview of a musician and his luthier. So here's guitarist Fingerstyle Will McNicol and his instrument maker Tom Sands, both at the showroom in front of our cameras and Guitar in Hand! Will McNicol and Tom Sands interview Until the

6th International Guitar Rendez-Vous - Will McNicol and Shaï Sebbag interview

On Sunday June 16, 2019 at 15:30 will be held the 6th edition of the International Guitar Rendez-Vous concert organized by and with Shaï Sebbag. His guest for 2019 is guitarist Fingerstyle of Scottish origin Will McNicol. They both came to the showroom to talk about this beautiful moment of guitar and music. Sunday June