Alexandr Misko interview at the Guitar Summit in Mannheim, Germany

Russian musician Alexandr Misko ( has now settled permanently in Germany. He was one of the acoustic guitarists featured at Guitar Summit. Here we interview him to get the latest news on this talented musician with a world of his own. Alexandr Misko interview Until the next interview or gear review, keep on playing the

Alexandr Misko interview - Interview Confinement 02/04/20

As part of the lockdown due to the Coronavirus, this is one of the live interviews broadcasted to highlight musicians and other music pros impacted by this situation. Alexandr Misko interview Alexandr Misko ( is a great your Russian Fingerstyle guitar player player who just got back from a tour in the US. Here is

Alexandr Misko guitar in hand interview with the young Russian phenomenon of percussive guitar

It was a blast to record this guitar in hand interview with the young Russian Alexandr Misko ( who was in Paris in our showroom. Check out his album Roundtrip (to be released on Nov. 26th 2019)! If you want to get a taste of modern acoustic percussive guitar playing, here's a monster musician for

Alexandr Misko interview, young Russian acoustic guitar prodigy - 2019 Guitar Summit

Through the French musician and guitar event organizer Kevuan, The Guitar Channel was able to conduct an interview of the young Russian musician Alexandr Misko during the 2019 Guitar Summit in Mannheim, Germany. A great opportunity to meet this musician who totals more than 200 million views on his Youtube channel. Alexandr Misko interview The