2018 Holy Grail Guitar Show – Video visit and debrief

To relive the 2018 edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show, I invite you to watch this replay of the live broadcast made from Berlin on The Guitar Channel Facebook page. You will have a visit in the heart of this show that brings together the cream of the cream of the world luthiers in all categories: electric or acoustic guitars, steel or nylon strings and bass.

Facebook live - Sunday May 7th 2018

The strong points of the show

  • The ever-increasing level of exhibitors
  • The crème de la crème of the world of lutherie
  • A wide variety of instruments: archtop, electric fan-freight, acoustic top level, etc.
  • The organization always impeccable
  • The pleasure of continuing to build relationships with luthiers, musicians and organizers
  • The change of season in the spring (Berlin is more beautiful under the sun!)

The weak spots of the show

  • There are so many luthiers and musicians to meet that it's impossible to meet everyone!
  • The very small number of French luthiers present (see conclusion)

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The Guitar Channel has been from all editions of the Holy Grail, each time it is a monumental blast to meet these luthiers who literally come from all over the world. 135 craftsmen who propose an incredible level of luherie. The selection of exhibitors is done by the EGB, so there are only the best of their discipline. This makes a big difference compared to the guitar show where all you need to do is to pay (or even worse, free to exhibit...).

There are so many people of talent to interview that it is cruel to make choices among the exhibitors. Here is the list of interviews that will be published as and when for club members:

Interviews done on Saturday

  1. Paul Hamer (yes, the one who founded Hamer Guitars) - H Guitars
  2. Rory Dowling - Taran Guitars
  3. Jacky Bastek / Jacky Walraet - EGB Community Build project
  4. Julia Hofer / Ferdinand Rikkers - EGB Community Build project
  5. Florian Schneider - Millimetric Instruments

Interviews done on Sunday

  1. Jort Heijen - Red Layer Guitars
  2. Lindy Fralin - Fralin Pickups
  3. Jason Lollar - Lollar Pickups
  4. Ivan Mulia - iVee guitars

There were 5 French luthiers only present at the Holy Grail 2018! This under representation is inexplicable. During the very first edition, there were 12 or 15 (of memory), so I wonder about the lack of interest of the French craftsmen for what has become the major event in lutherie in the world just 2 hours d Paris plane.

Note that the EGB that organizes the Holy Grail Guitar Show is moving towards a frequency of a show every two years. The next edition will take place in 2020.

Another huge congratulations to the EGB who organizes this superb guitar event!

No offense to the sorrowful spirits who like to bury the guitar but the richness, variety and vitality of the exhibitors present in Berlin is a clear indicator that our instrument of choice is far from being on the verge of being corny.

Guitar rules!

Until the next article about the Holy Grail, keep on playing your guitar!


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