Book Review – Electric Guitar and Bass Design by Leo Lospennato

Book review written by Cem Öcek


  • Title: Electric Guitar and Bass Design: The guitar or bass of your dreams, from the first draft to the complete plan
  • Author: Lospennato, Leo
  • ISBN: 978-3000296420
  • Amazon link

Book Review - Electric Guitar and Bass Design by Leo Lospennato


Many lutherie books explain how to build electric guitars and basses, focusing on woodworking, materials, tools, and other technical aspects. However, there was no book about design until Leo wrote this one, a source that concentrates on the creative process of making a guitar.

This book tells you how to achieve astonishing looks, an excellent playability, and the sound you are looking for your instrument. So, if you are thinking about developing the guitar of your dreams, this is the place to find that vital information.

Written collaboratively with top luthiers from the U.S. and Europe (like Ned Steinberger, R.M. Mottola, and others) this inspiring book covers in depth different topics not dealt with in any other sources: The geometry of a well balancing guitar, the ergonomics of a comfortable instrument, how to choose and match pickups, the "Four Laws of wood selection", and much more.

These 220 pages will change how you design and plan your guitar from the first read, providing the know-how and inspiration that you need before you even cut the first piece of wood.

Cem Öcek - Luthier

Until the next book review or interview, keep on playing the guitar!

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