YouTube Gem – Tone Talk Episode #14: John Suhr, Dave Friedman and Pete Thorn

Thanks to Thierry Labrouze from Kelt Amplification, I discovered the Tone Talk YouTube channel. When a tube amp guru like Thierry recommends you listen to something you listen, you do it!

Tone Talk is hosted by Dave Friedman and Marc Huzansky.


Tone Talk is actually a video chat recorded with several people. There is no real structure in the sense that a journalist is interviewing someone. It goes a little in all directions.

This is what makes the video interesting but also makes understanding more complicated. Marc Huzansky is doing a great job though at moderating the chat.

You have to have a very good level of English to completely follow the conversations but it is well worth the effort.

The video of episode #14 included below is incredibly long since it is almost 5 hours (yes, yes, FIVE hours). In fact 4h and 44min to be precise. So watch it by half an hour unit to keep it digestible.

Tone Talk Episode #14: John Suhr, Dave Friedman et Pete Thorn

Summary of the video

To help you in the navigation of this video, a user was very inspired to make a summary in the first comment of the video on YouTube, it will give you an idea of the topics covered.

A few examples:

  • John Suhr tells how he made an amp for Clapton
  • Dave Friedman talks about meeting Billy Gibbons
  • Pete Thorn explains his first try of a Marshall Plexi
  • The mystery of Jeff Beck's pickups
  • And plenty other cool anecdotes!

Tone Talk is also available in audio through their podcast feed. So you can listen to rather than spend hours watching it on YouTube. Here's the iTunes link.

Tone Talk is now in our Guitar Podcast Directory.

Until the next blog or interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

Into guitars?

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