2019 Winter NAMM: 5th California trip for The Guitar Channel

For the fifth year, The Guitar Channel will be present at the Winter NAMM which is held like every year in Los Angeles in Anaheim. The archives of previous years are in this list of articles.

For reminder or info, the Winter NAMM is the trade show that brings together each year in January the entire world of the musical instruments industry including the pro audio, audio interface and studio equipment.

This is THE big must-attend event where all major brands are present as well as the smallest ones trying to find a place in the sun.

The Guitar Channel: only French guitar media at NAMM

Unless I am mistaken, The Guitar Channel is the only French guitar media to cover the American show by being really being present on site to produce report and conduct interviews to make you live this major event from the inside.

Taking a subscription to The Guitar Channel allows this independent media to continue to grow but is also the best way to benefit from an excellent coverage of Winter NAMM.

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NAMM 2019 - The game plan

To be successful in a big fair like the NAMM or the Musikmesse is a subtle mixture between a huge preparation upfront in order to maximize as much as possible the time spent on site while retaining open slots to leave room for the encounters that one cannot plan in advance and that it would be a shame to miss.

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  • Interviews with artists and exhibitors
  • The Video Blogging report day by day
  • The debrief of appointments with pros partners
  • Live Facebook private group every day
  • A complete photo report every night, #guitarporn at 1000%!
  • Like last year, there will undoubtedly be videos shot elsewhere in Los Angeles but shh! I do not say more for now ...

NAMM 2018 - Relive the show as if you were onsite

Free accessible coverage

NAMM 2019 - To watch list

  • Evenings before and during the NAMM such as the Custom Shop Fender event (if I can get invited), the BMP concerts (see visual below), the dinners and the breakfasts at Denny's!
  • The stars you can meet anywhere in the Anaheim Convention Center
  • The Boutique Guitar Showcase managed by Jamie Gale will present for the 3rd year a superb space to highlight high-end luthiers from all over the world
  • And of course all the news that the manufacturers announce on this occasion!

Links to buy tickets: Friday Jan 25th and Saturday Jan 26th


Spending 10 days in Los Angeles is expensive. This year again to limit the budget (and also because I like this method of accommodation), I will have a lodging through AirBnB in a room at home not far from the Convention Center to do everything on foot.

Even while keeping the cost down as much as possible we arrive close to a $3k budget:

  • $700 plane flight Air France
  • $1 000 for 10 nights via AirBnB
  • $600 meals ($60/day approximately)
  • $600 on site travel (shuttle, taxi and train)
  • $2 900 Total

NAMM 2018 playlist

Here's a YouTube playlist of the videos produced last year:

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That's it for now, let me go back to preparing this exciting trip to the US!

Thanks a ton for your support.

Pierre Journel.

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