Bruce Forman interview - Stay-at-Home Coronavirus series - 16/04/20

As part of the Stay-at-Home period linked to the Coronavirus, this is one of the live interviews broadcasted to highlight musicians and other music pros impacted by this situation. Guest: Bruce Forman Bruce Forman is a great American Jazz guitar player I had the pleasure to me during the 2020 Winter NAMM. In this Stay-at-Home

Bruce Forman Jazz guitar player interview - NAMM 2020

I discovered Bruce Forman by listening to Guitar Wank (, the podcast he co-hosts with Scott Henderson and Troy McCubbin. It was a lot of fun to actually meet him and record this interview during NAMM 2020. Bruce Forman interview The Guitar Channel podcast The audio version of the video is available in the podcast

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Winter NAMM 2020 – Day 4 – Vlog January 19th

All good things come to an end ! Sunday is the last day of NAMM, paradoxically it is also probably one of the most pleasant because there are a lot less people, the exhibitors are more relaxed because the professional meetings are over, hence a more relaxed atmosphere . This is the last episode of