Mark Tremonti interview in Paris before the Tremonti concert

It's the third time I have the pleasure to present you an interview with Mark Tremonti. The first two times it was around an Alter Bridge concert, this time Mark was in concert in Paris with his solo band and to present their latest album Cauterize.

Tremonti Cauterize

Subjects discussed

  • What's new since the last interview at the 2015 Hellfest
  • How he handles being involved in si many projects
  • The composition of the album Cauterize
  • The way he writes riff for songs like Radical Change
  • The recording process of Cauterize
  • The difference between playing huge festivals and smaller venues
  • How he warms up before a show
  • The latest change to his stage gear

Mark Tremonti June2015 - The Guitar Channel

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar.


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