The Al Di Meola (@AlDiMeolaMusic) interview with footage from the soundcheck at @GuitareIssoudun

Done just before the soundcheck of the concert that evening as headlining of the 2013 Issoudun Guitar Festival, here is the interview with one and only Al Di Meola.

The video above is an extract of the interview
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With the permission of the management I was able to attend the soundcheck of the duo and shoot some images.  It's a rare moment where we you get the impression that the artists play only for you. I was literally the only person in the venue except for the technicians and musicians.

Al Di Meola and Kevin Seddiki
Al Di Meola and Kevin Seddiki
Al Di Meola and Kevin Seddiki
Al Di Meola and Kevin Seddiki

Topics covered in the interview

  • His first guitar
  • The key points of his career
  • Will he play electric guitar again?
  • His meeting with Kevin Seddiki
  • How he chose to play with Kevin
  • What he is looking for in a musician
  • His advice to grow and find your own voice


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