(Crazy) interview with @MattiasEklundh from Freak Kitchen

It's always a pleasure to meet and interview Mattias Eklundh as he is such a nice guy and awesome musician. I dig the last album "Cooking with Pagan" he has just released with Freak Kitchen, it's shock full of cool songs with incredible guitar works.

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As it is the 3rd time I get to do an interview with Mattias, we got a little crazy during the interview. Hope you like the video above!


Pics from the soundcheck at Divan du Monde (Paris)

The Divan du Monde in Paris
Mattias and his new 8 string Caparison he just can't get his hands off of it
The Caparison arsenal and Laney amp
The back of the Caparison arsenal
The top secret Mattias Laney amp settings !
The Caparison basses ready to rock

Masterclass/showcase with Mattias

Mattias gave a long and awesome masterclass/showcase in a guitar shop before the concert. You will find the full length recording in 3 videos in this article.




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