Renaud Louis-Servais (@RenaudLS) soundcheck at the @SunsetSunside

Renaud Louis-Servais was playing with his band at the Sunset in Paris for the launch of his new album Epic Circus. The Guitar Channel was there to shoot some video during the soundcheck. The full 14min video is shock full of cool guitar playing. Log on Backstage to watch Renaud rip it on his gorgeous Tom Anderson blue Drop Top.

Renaud website:


Chronicle of the concert

The concert in the evening was awesome from start to finish. Period. The problem with Fusion music, which is the style Renaud plays, is that it can become very boring very quickly because the musicians are losing themselves in convoluted solos where we, as mere mortals, can get lost. It was not the case at all with Renaud. The concert was a pure moment of music. The band is super tight and groovy, the songs are great and Renaud plays like a dream.

Concert Sunset Renaud Louis-Servais

Renaud Louis-Servais rig at the Sunset
Renaud Louis-Servais rig at the Sunset - Photo taken from Renaud Facebook profile

Official video clip of Epic Circus

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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