Michael Greenfield luthier - Presentation of a Greenfield G3 model

In this new Luthier Chronicle, the Canadian luthier Michael Greenfield (www.greenfieldguitars.com) presents in details one of his models, the Greenfield G3. It's quite a feat to have the builder to present his own creation in such details. Michael Greenfield luthier - Presentation of a Greenfield G3 model Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Michael Greenfield luthier - His stories about The Tree, the famous Mahogany

In this new Luthier Chronicle, the Canadian luthier Michael Greenfield (www.greenfieldguitars.com) tells us the stories about this Mahogany tree which has become so mythical that it is commonly called "The Tree" in the world of luthiers. Here's a (bad) photo of a poster in Michal workshop where you can see four of the instruments with wood

Michael Greenfield luthier - His thoughts about guitar shows

Michael Greenfield is a Canadian luthier based in Montreal who makes acoustic guitars of very high quality. The Guitar Channel has already given you a tour of his wonderful workshop, this year I went back to see him on several topics including the guitar shows. Questions discussed in the interview Why exhibit in a guitar

Rich Robinson interview - The Magpie Salute and ex-Black Crowes

In the series of the guitar-in-hand interview, here's a video recorded with Rich Robinson, ex-Black Crowes and now leading The Magpie Salute. He was in Paris to promote the first studio album of the band High Water I. Rich Robinson interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Demo concert videos - Festival de Guitare de Puteaux 2017

The 2017 Festival de Guitare de Puteaux featured a luthier guitar show with 49 exhibitors. In order to discover the wonderful instruments exhibited by the luthiers as well as the amps of craftsmen for electric guitars, demonstration concerts were held throughout the weekend. Here are some video recordings below. Demo concert videos Musicians Gotti Olivier

Andy Manson interview, luthier for John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and much more

At the 2018 Holy Grail Guitar Show, I had the opportunity to do an interview with Andy Manson, a legendary luthier who worked for Led Zeppelin's bassist John Paul Jones. In this in-depth interview I revisit with him his career. I have to say it was an honor and a true pleasure to interview this

Antoine Boyer is a young and very talented guitar player. He is equally at ease playing Jazz, Classical or Gipsy / Manouche music. "Cameleon Waltz" is his solo album which will be released on March 30th 2018. Antoine came at The Guitar Channel showroom to record an interview in French and two solo pieces. Antoine

Guitar Review - Taylor K14ce Builder's Edition - New V-class bracing

In the very high end category, The Guitar Channel is pleased to present you this guitar review of the new version of Taylor K14ce Builder's Edition guitar equipped with the new V-class bracing presented at NAMM 2018 (see this interview with Andy Powers, the master builder at Taylor to know everything). In order to highlight

Antoine Dufour

When you have the opportunity to have such a gifted musician as Antoine Dufour in your showroom, it's a pleasure to record him playing one of his composition. Here's the song called Air Ground performed on a Franck Cheval luthier (chevalguitars.com) guitar which was loaned to me by a club member. This model is slightly smaller

Andy Powers, master builder @TaylorGuitars: V-Class bracing

One of the great novelties of the NAMM 2018 was the great announcement of Taylor Guitars, the new V-Class bracing system developed by Andy Powers, the master builder of the Californian manufacturer. The Guitar Channel went to meet the luthier to know everything! Andy Powers interview Podcast Audio version of the interview available in the

Muriel Anderson interview - 2018 Winter NAMM

Here's a video interview recorded with Muriel Anderson during the 2018 Winter NAMM. Muriel Anderson interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Luthiers Beyond Limits: Alquier, Beauregard, Klein, Matsuda, Pagelli, Tao - NAMM 2018

In the wake of last year's Boutique Guitar Showcase, six luthiers have come together to present their instruments under the Luthiers Beyond Limits banner at NAMM 2018: Jean-Yves Alquier (see this article for the full report) Mario Beauregard Steve Klein Michihiro Matsuda Claudia and Claudio Pagelli Serge and John from Tao Guitars Since the NAMM

Tommy Emmanuel interview - Guitar in hand in Paris

Tommy Emmanuel is one of the greats of the guitar at the moment and not only in the Fingerstyle domain. The Guitar Channels proposes you for the 3rd time an interview with the Australian maestro for a Guitar-in-Hand video. His album Accomplice One, which will be released in January 2018, is excellent with incredible duets

Calum Graham interview - Young fingerstyle Canadian guitar player

Calum Graham is one of his ultra-talented young musicians with a stunning fingerstyle acoustic guitar technique, with a musicality that is undeniable. Add to this already explosive cocktail that the young Canadian sings very well and that his album Tabula Rasa was produced by Antoine Dufour, you will understand why The Guitar Channel could not

Drew Roller interview - Director of the documentary

The world of acoustic guitar is currently booming with locomotives such as Andy McKee, Jon Gomm, Maneli Jamal, Antoine Dufour and many others who follow the path opened by Michael Hedges, Don Ross and other guitarists. The documentary Acoustic Uprising tells the story of this movement. This film was directed by Drew Roller, an Australian

Alhambra chronicle: presentation of a guitar in Ziricote

Alhambra uses several types of wood to produce its instruments, in this video, Valerià Torregrossa presents a new model that uses the Ziricote for the back and sides. Don't miss the other articles about Alhambra! Pierre Journel.

Kathy Wingert and Isaac Jang double luthier interview

I met the luthier Isaac Jang in Berlin during the Holy Grail Guitar Show, one year later he was my guide in Los Angeles for 2 days to make me meet a lot of people including Kathy Wingert, also luthier, where he learned his trade for 10 years. This is an interview in Kathy's workshop with

Alhambra Guitars chronicle: the differences between a classical and a flamenco guitar

As Alhambra Guitars is building both type of nylon string guitars, classical and flamenco, The Guitar Channel recorded this chronicle with Valerià Torregrossa to explain in video the differences between the two families of instrument. Valerià Torregrossa: the differences between a classical and a flamenco guitar Don't miss the other chronicles recorded with Alhambra! Until the next

Festival de Guitare de Puteaux 2017 - What you need to know about this new guitar event

Full disclaimer: The Guitar Channel was the co-organizer of the festival with the responsability of the luthier show with 49 exhibitors and the 27 demo concerts. From Friday September 29th until Sunday October 1st 2017, the Festival de Guitare de Puteaux took place in the Jean-Baptiste Lully music academy in Puteaux, just west of Paris

Guitar Review - Martin 000-15SM: 100% Mahogany

The Martin 000-15SM that you will discover in this review is my personal guitar which I acquired to return to playing the steel string acoustic guitar to regain the taste of pure sound without artifice. At C.F. Martin, the reference 000 designates the shape of the body, the figure 15 indicates that the guitar is

The Mag Mic system from Seymour Duncan is a solution that is seen more and more often in the instruments of pro musicians. So recently Adam Miller came to the Backstage showroom for a Guitar in Hand interview with his guitar made by the luthier Jeff Traugott which is equipped with this system, same for Shai

Acoustic guitar in hand interview with Adam Miller

Adam Miller is an Australian guitarist who is as comfortable on an acoustic as he is on an electric, which is quite annoying if you allow me to say so!

Heike Matthiesen interview recorded during the 2017 edition of the Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany. Heike Matthiesen interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Lowden Guitars - Interview at the 2017 Guitares au Beffroi festival

Lowden Guitars was one of the major builders present at the 2017 edition of the Guitares au Beffroi festival. Here's an interview in video with Alastair who was there for the brand. Lowden Guitars - Interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre.

Maneli Jamal interview - Musikmesse 2017

Interview of the Fingerstyle guitar player Maneli Jamal during the 2017 Musikmesse guitar show. Maneli Jamal interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Tommy Emmanuel is an amazing Fingerpicking guitarist but he also plays very well the electric guitar who is a real phenomenon on stage. I had the opportunity to see him on stage at the New Morning in Paris (after we recorded an audio interview), he put out incredible show just him alone on stage with his guitar. So I was very curious to watch this "Music Gone Public" live DVD of him.

DVD teaser

What I enjoyed the most

  • The many pieces on the DVD
  • The quality of the images
  • The sequence in between the live parts
  • The interesting bonus

What I enjoyed the least

  • Nothing really


If you have already seen Tommy Emmanuel on stage, you will love this DVD which will make you relive the intensity of its performances on stage. If you haven't seen him yet, after watching the DVD you will feel the urge to get a ticket next time the Australian guitar virtuoso is around your town. Until the next article, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre. [s2If !current_user_can(access_s2member_level0)]
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Tommy Emmanuel – Music Gone Public DVD
Maneli Jamal interview - Fingerpicking rising star

Here's a Maneli Jamal (www.manelijamal.com) interview done Guitar in Hand with the iranian born musician now living in Toronto after an epic and long journey. it is through Shaï Sebbag that The Guitar Channel heard about Maneli as they had met during a guitar festival in Mexico. They hit it off so well that Shaï decided to help Maneli organizing a tour in France. It was during Maneli's stay in France that we did this 30min video interview at the worldwide intergalactic headquarters of the show (meaning, my home).

Tommy Emmanuel interview during the Montreal Jazz Festival

Tommy Emmanuel was part of the indoor programmation of the Montreal Jazz Festival, a great opportunity to record a video interview Guitar in Hand with this major musician of the fingerstyle community.

Tommy's website: www.tommyemmanuel.com
Tommy Emmanuel interview during the Montreal Jazz Festival

The Guitar Channel archive about Tommy Emmanuel
Back in 2009, The Guitar Channel was then only an audio podcast, I have the opportunity to meet and interview Tommy at the New Morning in Paris. He was the very first major non-French speaking guitar player I had on the show.

Here's Sungha Jung interview done during the latest Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Sungha was there on the Lakewood booth to promote his signature model and play a couple of shows in Germany.

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I love when it's possible to do an interview Guitar in Hand, so imagine when I had the opportunity to do one with a harp-guitar player, Muriel Anderson!