The French pedal manufacturer Anasounds ( now offers a pedal named High Voltage. The promise of the manufacturer from Nice for this pedal is simple: get the sound of Malcom Young from AC/DC, just that! Promise kept? Let's hear it... Summary of the full review Full video Pros and cons of the pedal Conclusion: promise kept?

Plugin Review - Friedman DS40 amp by Universal Audio

Here's a video review of the Friedman DS40 plugin available in the Universal Audio Apollo interface. Friedman is well know for the quality of their tube amp. That's why I was very curious to test drive the plugin based on their DS40 model. Here's a screenshot of the plugin : Setup used for the review

When The Guitar Channel was in California for the 2019 Winter NAMM, the schedule also included a luthier workshop visit at Isaac Jang place in the heart of Hollywood, just a few steps from the famous Walk of Fame. Summary of the full article Full video visit of the workshop Isaac commenting on his tools

Pedal Review - Tone Bender Mk II: legendary pedal, legendary tones!

Thanks to a subscriber on The Guitar Channel (thanks Steven), I was able to record this video review of this legendary Fuzz pedal, the Tone Bender Mk II. Tone Bender Mk II video review Until the next gear review or interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

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Gear Review - OX Universal Audio / Les Paul + Marshall 6101

We continue the exploration og the Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box which is this time connected to Marshall 6101 combo using a 2007 Gibson Ls Paul Faded modded by Larry Corsa. In case you are wondering, the OX is a piece of gear you connect between the output of a guitar amp and the

Guitar Review - Vasti, the Telecaster according to Vola Guitar

Vola Guitar is a brand that makes quality Made in Japan instruments. The Vasti model is in a way the Telecaster reviewed by the designers of Vola. Vola Guitar - Vasti model video review Until the next gear review or interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Interview and visit of the Musicians Institute in Hollywood - Los Angeles

The Musicians Institute (pronounced MI if you want to be cool) in Los Angeles in the Hollywood district is a place many if not all guitarists are fantasizing about so great is the reputation of this music school. Formerly known as the Guitar Institute of Technology, this school has seen many famous students like Paul

Juha Ruokangas interview - Valvebucker presentation - NAMM 2019

In the field of high-end lutherie, one of the big novelties presented at the NAMM was the Valvebucker, this tube pickup developed by the Finnish luthier Juha Ruokangas. In 2014, at the Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin, Juha had presented a prototype of this microphone in the Nemo guitar, finally the version released 5

2019 Guitares au Beffroi festival (Montrouge, France) - Jean Michel Proust interview

The Guitares au Beffroi festival will hold its 7th edition from March 22nd to 24th in the city of Montrouge, right next to Paris, France. Here is an interview with Jean-Michel Proust, head of the festival, to learn all about the 2019 edition of this great guitar event. Jean Michel Proust interview Photos from the

Shootout - Universal Audio OX Amp Top Box versus Shure SM57 mic

Out of curiosity and having a certain taste of provocation, The Guitar Channel presents you an unusual shoutout between the Ox Amp Top Box from Universal Audio and a timeless Shure SM57 microphone. A kind of David against Goliath fight in the field of sound recording! The goal of the game is more to show

Debrief - Strandberg Boden - 2 months of use

After two months of use of Strandberg Boden Original 6, an ergonomic electric guitar, it is time to give a first feedback on this instrument which incorporates a lot of innovations. Summary of the full article The positive points The neutral points The negative points Conclusion Positive points

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Stereo live streaming on Facebook with a Presonus Studiolive 16.0.2 USB

Attention, here is an article for the audio geeks! Problem I do live broadcast on Facebook every week and I wanted to broadcast in stereo. Problem: the console Presonus Studiolive 16.0.2 USB is seen on my MacBook only with as the first two inputs of the console, I am unable to get the stereo mix

Guitar Review - Vola Guitar Zenith, double humbucker beauty

In this new Gear Review, we present the high-end category at Vola Guitar, the Zenith model which is characterized by a beautiful top and a great hardware. It's another great example of the Made in Japan high quality of instrument building. Vola Guitar - Zenith model Until the next gear review or interview, keep on playing the

Ola Strandberg interview - Winter NAMM 2019

Met for the first time in 2013 for an interview at Musikmesse, the 2019 edition of Winter NAMM was an opportunity to redo a video with Ola Standberg, the designer of Strandberg Guitars designed in Sweden. The big news for Strandberg was the bass launch, we talk about that and many other things in this

Andy Powers interview - Taylor Grand Pacific model launch

2019 is the year for Taylor Guitars to launch at NAMM a new model under the name Grand Pacific. This is Taylor Guitars reinterpretation of the Dreadnaught form with the brand new V-Class dam system introduced last year. Master builder Andy Powers tells us all about this new guitar. Andy Powers interview Until the next

Troy MacCubbin interview - Guitar Wank podcast co-host - 2019 Winter NAMM

I am a long-time fan of the Guitar Wank podcast which is hosted by Scott Henderson, Bruce Forman and Troy MacCubbin. That's why I was happy to meet Troy at this NAMM 2019. Troy MacCubbin interview namm Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Fred Greene interview - Chief Product Officer at Martin Guitars

The 2019 edition of Winter NAMM was a unique opportunity to meet the Chief Product Officer of legendary guitar brand Martin Guitars, Fred Greene. By and large all new model developments go through this gentleman including when John Mayer has an idea of a new signature model. As much to tell you that this interview

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Paul Reed Smith interview - 2019 Winter NAMM

As always the big boss of PRS Guitars, founder Paul Reed Smith was on the booth of his brand in the upper floors of the Anaheim Convention Center for the 2019 edition of the Winter NAMM. Paul Reed Smith interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

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NAMM 2019 debrief - Luthier Isaac Jang interview

It's always interesting to have feedback from a NAMM exhibitor, especially from a craftsman like the Korean-born luthier Isaac Jang, who produces about 10 guitars a year. This video was recorded in Isaac's studio, which is 30m from the famous Hollywood Boulevard and its famous Walk of Fame. Please note that a workshop visit was

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Rhonda Smith interview - Prince and Jeff Beck bass player - 2019 Winter NAMM

Unfortunately, it is not often that we have the opportunity to meet women musicians and even rarer when they play bass! The 2019 Winter NAMM was an opportunity to meet Rhonda Smith at the PRS booth who played for Prince and Jeff Beck. Rhonda Smith interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Brian Wampler interview - Wampler Pedals - 2019 Winter NAMM

The 2019 edition of Winter NAMM was an opportunity to interview again Brian Wampler, the founder and creator of the Wampler pedals. There were a lot of new products in its range including the Terraform and Pantheon pedals. Brian Wampler interview The brand new Terraform pedal launched at NAMM: Until the next interview, keep on

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Dave Friedman interview - Friedman Amps - 2019 Winter NAMM

Dave Friedman of Friedman Amps is a great gentleman in the world of amps and more recently that of pedals and guitars. The Guitar Channel offers you an interview with him in his booth full of amps during the 2019 Winter NAMM. Dave Friedman interview Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre

Hendrik Müller interview - The Musikmesse at the NAMM 2019

The marketing director of the Musikmesse, Hendrik Müller, was present at NAMM 2019 as an exhibitor. He explains in the interview below why he is there and what can be expected for the 2019 edition of the Frankfurt music show. Hendrik Müller interview Please note that the Musikmesse is a pro partner on The

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Tim Pierce interview - Session guitar player and youtuber - 2019 Winter NAMM

The Guitar Channel is very happy to present you an interview with Tim Pierce, well known studio guitarist and successful youtuber. Last year during NAMM I just had a selfie with him, this time we made a video! Tim Pierce interview   Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

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Oz Noy interview - 2019 Winter NAMM

The 2019 edition of Winter NAMM is an opportunity to meet in real life the huge musician Oz Noy interviewed for the first time in audio in 2015 via Skype. This time it was in the basement of the Anaheim Hilton that we recorded this video. Oz Noy interview Until the next interview, keep on

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Curtis Fornadley interview - Musician and Tone Wizards book author - 2019 Winter NAMM

Curtis Fornadley is a guitarist who wrote a great book called Tone Wizards (reviewed in this article) and that The Guitar Channel had the pleasure to meet at the 2019 Winter NAMM. Curtis Fornadley interview Curtis has released in 2017 an excellent album called Resonance: Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

Allen Hinds interview - NAMM 2019

Meeting and interviewing guitarist Allen Hinds during this 2019 NAMM was one of the priority objectives of this Californian trip. This objective was reached through the French musician Kamil Rustam who has been working in Los Angeles for the past 23 years and who is Allen's friend (thank you Kamil!). Allen Hinds interview Until the

Interview Kruno et Tom des pédales Drybell - NAMM 2019

The 2019 Winter NAMM was an opportunity to do an interview with Kruno and Tom who are part of the team from Drybell pedals that make the famous Vibe Machine and the Unit67 pedals. Interview with the Drybell team Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar! Pierre Journel.

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NAMM 2019 interviews - Day 4

Sunday at the NAMM is clearly the end of the show, most journalists have already left (but not The Guitar Channel of course, always faithful to the post!). It was nevertheless the occasion of several business meetings and three interviews Interviews of the day Ola Strandberg Debrief Julien Bitoun Debrief Les Sondiers Until the next

The wildest day of the Winter NAMM is always Saturday. It did not stop The Guitar Channel to shoot 8 (yes eight !) interviews with many incredible guests, notably a 20min video with the one and only Allen Hinds! Interviews of the day Hendrik Müller - Musikmesse Tim Pierce Curtis Fornadley - Tone Wizards Allen