Pedal Review – Overdrive Nobels ODR-1 – Cool natural sounding drive tones

It was during a conversation with Pete Thorn in Germany during the 2018 Guitar Summit that I heard about the Nobels ODR-1 overdrive pedal. It seems that this pedal has been used for a long time by studio guitarists in Nashville, as it costs around €90 online, I thought it was mandatory to try it out.

Warning! Contrary to what the green color of the pedal could suggest, the ODR-1 is not a Tube Screamer clone. Far from it! We are even more in the category of overdrive that give a sound more amp-like than a TS-9 with its hump in the midrange.

Pedal Review - Overdrive Nobels ODR-1

Pedal Review - Overdrive Nobels ODR-1: cool natural sounding drive tones

Until the next gear review or interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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