NAMM 2019 interviews – Day 3: Musikmesse / Tim Pierce / Tone Wizards / Hinds / Rhonda Smith / PRS / Wallimann / Fontanille

The wildest day of the Winter NAMM is always Saturday. It did not stop The Guitar Channel to shoot 8 (yes eight !) interviews with many incredible guests, notably a 20min video with the one and only Allen Hinds!

Interviews of the day

  1. Hendrik Müller - Musikmesse
  2. Tim Pierce
  3. Curtis Fornadley - Tone Wizards
  4. Allen Hinds
  5. Rhonda Smith
  6. Paul Reed Smith
  7. David Wallimann
  8. Jean Fontanille et Sébastien Tibackx

Hendrik Müller - Musikmesse

Hendrik is the marketing and communication director of the Musikmesse:

Tim Pierce

It was a blast to interview Tim Pierce famous session guitar player and Youtuber during NAMM:

Curtis Fornadley - Tone Wizards

Curtis Fornadley is the author of the great book titled Tone Wizards:

Allen Hinds

Interviewing Allen Hinds thanks to an introduction from French musician Kamil Rustam, was one of the highlight of this edition of the NAMM:

Rhonda Smith

She played with Prince and now with Jeff Beck, here's an interview with bass player Rhonda Smith:

Paul Reed Smith

The PRS brand is still leaded by its original founder Paul Reed Smith:

David Wallimann

The French American musician David Wallimann was at the NAMM for Vola Guitar:

Jean Fontanille and Sebastien Tibackx

The French musicians Jean Fontanille (guitar) and Sébastien Tibackx (bass) were doing there first NAMM show, here's their impressions:

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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