2013 December chronicle : Pierre Bensusan and plenty of pedals

In this December video chronicle I present you with plenty of cool boutique pedals and with the short version of the interview I did recently of Pierre Bensusan, acoustic fingerpicker extraordinaire who has just released a triple live album to cover 40 years of concerts!


+ Review of future pedals to be tested
+ Short version of the interview with Pierre Bensusan (the long version will be published soon)
+ Some news about the show and future giveaways


The full interview of Pierre Bensusan will be available for the Backstage pass subscribers in a protected article.

Pedals presented in the video

+ Pimento by Celmo (which you can get at 40% off for a limited time, more info here)
+ Riff Shooter by JMB Experience
+ 2 Fuzz pedals, 2 overdrives and the awesome Lucy's Drive II (a Klon Centaur clone) by Doc Music Station



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