Sound Messe 2023 Day 1: Setup & Buyer's Day at the Osaka guitar show in Japan

The Sound Messe ( is a guitar show held in Osaka, Japan every year, apart from the worries due to the pandemic. 2023 is the 10th anniversary of this show which is the only show of this size dedicated to guitar in Japan. After a first trip to the Land of the Rising Sun in

NAMM 2023 Day 1 report and interviews

Here is the report and the interviews for Day 1 of the NAMM 2023. Yes it is yet another transition NAMM Show before it moves back to its January slot in 2024 and yes it was another wonderful edition, like in 2022. What an amazing start for the 3 day show with no less than

NAMM 2022, Fryday interviews, Mark Lettieri, Avi Shabat, Pete Thorn, Rhett Shull and 17 others!

Friday, June 3, 2022 was the first day of this 3-day NAMM 2022. It seemed as if everyone had been waiting for the opening of this event for 29 months since the last Winter NAMM was in January 2020, just before the whole world came to an abrupt stop. In short, this Friday was intense

Luthier Isaac jang interview in his new workshop in Aslhambra, Los Angeles

Isaac Jang ( is a luthier that I already had the opportunity to introduce to you. He builds very high end acoustic guitars. Here he is in his new workshop in the Alhambra district of Los Angeles. Don't miss Isaac's workshop visit in this article. Isaac jang interview Until the next interview, keep on playing

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Isaac Jang luthier update from the NAMM 2022 show floor

This year the high-end acoustic guitar builder Isaac Jang ( was not exhibiting at the NAMM, he was there as a simple visitor enjoying seeing colleagues and friends from the guitar world. Here is his update from the show floor. Isaac Jang NAMM 2022 update To know more about Isaac's work,watch this series of interviews

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Isaac Jang workshop visit in downtown Alhambra, Los Angeles

Luthier Isaac Jang ( recently moved his workshop. He moved from his tiny studio in an alley off Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles to a larger space in Alhambra, another neighborhood in Los Angeles. Here's a tour of the beautiful place where Isaac builds his incredible acoustic guitars. The visit of the previous workshop is

Black Volt Amplification, Giovanni Loria interview during the NAMM

Against all expectations (at least for some people, but except me!) this first day of the NAMM 2022 post-pandemic version was great! A lot of people from 10:00 in the morning until closing time. On the content side, no less than 11 interviews to be found in the report below. NAMM 2022 - Day 1

Isaac Jang ( is an American luthier based in Los Angeles who recently moved to a new workshop in the South Pasadena area. During this live interview he showed us around his new working space, talked about his very last build and about his work as a high end boutique acoustic guitar builder. Isaac Jang

Isaac Jang luthier interview - 2019 Sound Messe Osaka

The Korean-American luthier Isaac Jang ( was one of the exhibitors of Sound Messe Osaka 2019 in the high-end acoustic lutherie category. It is partly thanks to him that The Guitar Channel came to Japan because he was of a very precious help to prepare this trip. Already interviewed in Berlin during the Holy Grail

When The Guitar Channel was in California for the 2019 Winter NAMM, the schedule also included a luthier workshop visit at Isaac Jang place in the heart of Hollywood, just a few steps from the famous Walk of Fame. Summary of the full article Full video visit of the workshop Isaac commenting on his tools

NAMM 2019 debrief - Luthier Isaac Jang interview

It's always interesting to have feedback from a NAMM exhibitor, especially from a craftsman like the Korean-born luthier Isaac Jang, who produces about 10 guitars a year. This video was recorded in Isaac's studio, which is 30m from the famous Hollywood Boulevard and its famous Walk of Fame. Please note that a workshop visit was

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Kathy Wingert and Isaac Jang double luthier interview
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Kathy Wingert and Isaac Jang double luthier interview

I met the luthier Isaac Jang in Berlin during the Holy Grail Guitar Show, one year later he was my guide in Los Angeles for 2 days to make me meet a lot of people including Kathy Wingert, also luthier, where he learned his trade for 10 years. This is an interview in Kathy's workshop with

Isaac Jang luthier in Hollywood, Los Angeles
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Isaac Jang luthier in Hollywood, Los Angeles

I met Isaac Jang for the first time in Berlin during the 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show in Berlin. Isaac was born in Korea and arrived in the US when he was 13. After being an apprentice with master luthier Kathy Wingert for 9 years, he setup his own shop to build his own high-end acoustic guitars. As he proposed me when we met in Germany, I contacted him while organizing the 2017 NAMM trip to see if he would actually be my guide in Los Angeles to help me discover the guitar places in that city.

Isaac Jang interview, acoustic luthier at the 2016 HGGS
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Isaac Jang interview, acoustic luthier at the 2016 HGGS

Here's Isaac Jang interview, luthier of wonderful acoustic guitars during the 2016 Holy Grail Guitar Show.
Isaac Jang interview

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!


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Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 - Day 2 interviews
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Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 – Day 2 interviews

Day 2 of the Holy Grail Guitar Show 2016 was busy with a nice series of interviews that you can watch below. The first series of videos is online in this article. Day 2 interviews Thierry André, luthier from Québec, Canada (André Instruments) Isaac Jang, american luthier (Isaac Jang Guitars) Jamie Gale, luthier agent and consultant (Jamie Gale Music)