For this year's NAMM Show, I had once again brought with me all I needed to do a quality recording session on a tube amp. As last year, I did these tests on the joint stand of German guitars Tausch ( and American amplifiers Eddie Wang ( Guitars played: Configuration: NAMM 2024 Guitar Sessions Until

Tausch Guitars & Wang Amps - NAMM 2023 session

For the first time I brought with me to a show what I needed to make a good sounding electric guitar recording. The equipment consisted of a Sennheiser e906 microphone, an XLR cable and a Zoom F6 recorder. The video below was recorded in 20min, including setup, on Friday morning, day 2 of NAMM, before

NAMM 2023 Day 1 report and interviews

Here is the report and the interviews for Day 1 of the NAMM 2023. Yes it is yet another transition NAMM Show before it moves back to its January slot in 2024 and yes it was another wonderful edition, like in 2022. What an amazing start for the 3 day show with no less than