Winter NAMM 2021 live wrap-up – Spalt, Ruokangas, Ergon, Teuffel and Taylor Guitars

As a wrap-up of the online edition of the 2021 Winter NAMM here is a live discussion with some of the best European boutique guitar builders who are regular exhibitors at NAMM and Andy Powers from Taylor Guitars.

Guest list

Projects of Three by Michael Spalt, Adriano Sergio and Ulrich Teuffel :

Subjects discussed

  • What's new for this NAMM 2021 - Believe in Music edition
  • Review of this online edition
  • Future of big events like the Winter NAMM
  • The relevance of going to exhibit at the NAMM for luthiers
  • Best and worst memories of past editions
  • Next guitar show scheduled for 2021

Winter NAMM 2021 live wrap-up

The Guitar Channel podcast

The audio version of the video is available in the podcast on iTunes, Spotify and below:

The Guitar Channel Podcast

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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