Adriano Sergio interview – Ergon Guitars – 2015 Holy Grail Guitar show

Here's the interview done with Portuguese luthier Adriano Sergio from Ergon Guitars during the second edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show. I was seduced by the organic shapes of Adriano's guitars and by the quality of the lutherie. Plus Adriano is a super nice guy, speaks Portuguese, English and French, so it was a pleasure to interview him on the show.Adriano has been repairing and modifying guitars for 20 years, he also worked as a guitar tech for big bands like Anthrax so he has a very developed knowledge of what works and what does not work on a guitar. He incorporated all this into his uniquely designed instrument.

Erratum: the guitar presented in the interview is in fact in Cedar not in Spanish Spruce.

Ergon Guitars website:

Adriano Sergio interview

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Ergon Guitars - 2015 Holy Grail Guitar Show

Until the next interview, keep on playing the guitar!

Pierre Journel.

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