Listen to what the guitar builders Teuffel, Ruokangas, Spalt, Sergio and Tausch have to say!

In January 2021, we were still in lockdown mode all over the world so there was no Winter NAMM that year. So I decided to do a live interview with several of the best and most original luthiers in Europe: Here is what they said spontaneously at the end of the interview. I was touched

The luthiers explain why The Guitar Channel interviews are the best

During the Winter NAMM 2021 online edition, the Believe in Music week, The Guitar Channel organized a Zoom call with some of the best European luthiers, the full video is available in this article. At the end of the call, we started an informal discussion and the luthiers shared why they think the interviews done

For the second year the amazingly creative luthiers Adriano Sergio from Ergon Guitars ( in Portugal, Michael Spalt from Spalt Instruments ( in Austria and Uli Teuffel from Teuffel Guitars ( in Germany are joining forces under the banner of their Projetcs of Three ( In 2020 they released the Red Collection, for 2021 it

CAD and CNC as the Camera Obscura - By luthier Ulrich Teuffel

During the 2016 EGB (European Guitar Builders association) symposium, the luthier Ulrich Teuffel gave a conference about CAD and CNC as used in the guitar building domain. His conference was titled: CAD and CNC as the Camera Obscura.

The symposium took place during the two days prior to the 2016 edition of the Holy Grail Guitar Show.

Ulrich Teuffel website:
Introduction of the conference
For the industries CNC is just a production system.

Ulrich Teuffel is one of the reason I came to Berlin for the Holy Grail Guitar Show. In fact when we met earlier this year in Francfort for the Musikmesse, he told me at the end of the interview we did there that I really should come to Berlin. At the time it seemed like a distant project I was not sure I could finance.

2014 Musikmesse special edition: 5 guitar interviews

The 2014 Musikmesse was a great edition with plenty of opportunities to meet and interview influential guitar people.

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Ulrich Teuffel interview at the 2014 Musikmesse

Ulrich Teuffel has some very innovative design ideas that he has implemented in his instruments over the years (see photos below).