Nathaniel Murphy, aka ZeppelinBarnatra on Instagram, interview at NAMM 2022

One of the really great encounters at this 2022 edition of NAMM was with Nathaniel Murphy. If you're on Instagram, you're bound to have stopped by his solo guitar instrumental covers on his @ZeppelinBarnatra account. Nathaniel actually explains in this interview the origin of his strange Instagram name. Nathaniel Murphy interview Until the next interview,

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NAMM 2022, the 13 interviews done on Saturday, from Jay Leonard J to Nathaniel Murphy

Here are all 13 interviews from Saturday, June 4, 2022 at NAMM in one article. You will find some of the best luthiers in the world, as well as two phenomenal musicians. Enjoy! This day was a great illustration of the fact that it is the meetings that make the most of the interest of

NAMM 2022 - Full video and photo report of the Saturday

Saturday at the NAMM 2022 was an amazing with a lot of visitors. It felt really good to see this joyous crowd throughly enjoying the guitar show! No less than thirteen interviews to bring you the information straight from the show floor. NAMM 2022 Saturday report Interviewees of the day Until the next video report